New Year

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I missed y'all but I was at home in Indy
Living in 3 different locations and trying to spend time with everyone especially all my kids I have like 8 now.

But anywayz
It is a new year

Happy New Year

and thanks for all the prayers for my Fusion event it was blessed.



Trying to aclimatize myself to this Houston weather. I moved to Houston, Cali and mii didn't agree too many tears and I start grad. school in 5 days.

one more thing
I'm embracing color
unconventional color this year
so yeah Orange is in and black is taking a vacation

and then I'm exploring my ultra feminine side
hence the pink

cuz i might soon get sick of it

No snow in January is freaky weird


disgodkidd said...

long awaited....happy new year sister...good to have you back...did i say i missed you?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

happy new year to you too babe... so you're in houston... I wish you well as you start grad school :-)

KM said...

congrats with grad school; welcome to tx; and work the orange too... only us earthy folks can really do that y'know, lol...

blessings for 08, sis.

Believer said...

Happy New Year..all the best with grad school and I pray that all you require for a successful 2008 will be yours in Jesus name.

Uzo said...

Happy New year..A new location..Hope this new place is more fulfilling that california was...

Jaycee said...

darling Kafo...missed ya!!! Lolll...

Exploring ur femimine side? Woohooo...u're gonna have fun doing that, don't worry! Lolll...

Happy new year, this yr has great things in stock for u...

rethots said... expression of your ultra feminine side i await. Orange, your reason(s)?
8kids! brilliant, and some think 2's the in thing now....sebi you'll get to 12?
Grad school, congrats & all the best; eventually, all our 'sacrifice' for an education won't be in vain.
Cheers & have a most delightful year.

Daydah said...

Pink? I am happy for you...Happy New Year - more hurdles to jump, but surely as the Lord liveth, not a strand of hair on your head can be removed unless He allows it. God is with you this year, and all your prayers have already been answered - just check you profile at (lol).
Now that I have a job, I hope I can keep up the communique.
All the best in Grad school - I have faith in you, and know that you'll blow them all away, like you always do!

Queen of My Castle said...

Houston weather is really finicky. Hot one day, cold the next, but the summers are total scorchers. Be prepared to bring out the sundresses and sandals, it'll be too hot for anything more.

Kafo said...

@ Daydah: back at u girl

@ Queen of my castle: thanks for the words of advice