I'm sorry people

I had a relapse

You see I am a recovering politics addict

and let's just say I fell off the wagon

I'm trying to get back on

but stuff keeps on happening

to see mii in pain
you can visit mii alter ego

i'm coming back tho
i'm almost there

Super Tuesday



I'm back
no more politics

yeah right

i can do both

can i


Allied said...

yes you can. but the hillary comercial bit was funny

Oracle said...

Whassup Kafo, itz been a while.
You sound like you're not having fun

Uzo said...

LO>....you too?

Jaycee said...

Kafo, because of you I caught the Politics Fever. I'm either talking about Obama or Hilary these days, I dunno what's wrong with me? Lol. Yeah, so I'm blaming it on u.

I really want Obama tho...

Yeah, super duper tuesday...*sigh*

I'm going over to Dilemma08 to see you writhing in PAIN!!! Yeahhhh! (lol).

Daddy's Girl said...

I say indulge jare - the stakes aren't this huge everyday! If you can pull yourself away from it all for a few seconds though, do check out the odes carnival on my blog - really inspiring stuff!

Allied said...


Queen of My Castle said...

I'm super late as usual, but right now is one of the BEST times to be a political junkie! LOL

Your pics are beautiful!!!!!! *Gasping*