First day of class

Okay so where do i start

Today was the first day of school
and I was forty minutes late to my first class.

i was 44 minutes late to my first class

now it would be acceptable if my class was at 8 a.m. but class start at 1 p.m and I walked in at 1:44pm

and then to add insult to injury I did not even have a pen to take notes in class.
seriously, i had the ask the girl sitting behind mii for a pen and she had like 5 on her desk but had to reach into her backpack (which I DO NOT HAVE) to get a pen for mii.

very sad

and every one on campus was sort of dressed up
like they were happy to be back

but yeah
i'm trying to remember my first day of undergrad. but that was like 8 years ago but i need to believe that i was giddy about college then.

i really do need to believe that.


disgodkidd said...


Jaycee said...

lolll...Kafo. 44 mins late???

Vixen said...

dayum kafo...forgot how to be a student???

The Last King Of Scotland said...

my first day at my masters class i didnt have a pen too, come to think of it

rethots said...

Not so bad, at least you'll remember distinctly your 1st day in your master's class. Unlike you, my undergraduate flowed straight into the master's so remember not the transition at all.

All the best in school though.

Allied said...

All the best in school

webround said...

being back in school takes some getting used to. all the best!

KM said...

Am proud of you too :-) You'll be fine. In fact I thought I told you that when I read this post last night.

Yep — this is what grad school does to a woman. But at least you've found out early!

As you say, pele.

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

U were lucky dat d doors were still opened for U 2 walk in after being late for 44mins...Happy New Year GF!!!

Uzo said...

Grad schooll........LOL...Late on the first day...Not bad at all....

Kafo said...

@ Ms. Iyabo: I was oooo seriously all the way to the class i had this recurring nightmare that after all my hard work the door with the shut like for the 5 foolish virgins but then i got their and viola!!

@ vixen: weird huh who would have thought that I would forget

@ the last king: you give mii hope

Daydah said...

Has it really been that long? Pele. Get used to being back in school dearie! At least you did it before u had ur kids - your course subjects wot be competing for space with memories of what your daughter did to annoy her teacher yesterday and what other punishment you are going to dish out to her when you see her in the evening.

Queen of My Castle said...

COngrats babe!!!! You're almost done. Hopefully it will fly by.

Kafo said...

@ Queen: i like your attitude, I'm ALMOST done YES