Feminine Side: I

There will come a day when embracing my feminine side will not cause calamity for my immune system.

But that day is NOT today.

So yeah. New year. New rules.

Why was I late to class, my FIRST GRAD SCHOOL COURSE.
I was being feminine.
Not trying to figure out what to wear but let mii tell you about the Saturday night before.

I'm embracing my feminine side and wearing a biege (can't say tan guess that is a guy color) V neck top with silky pants and hot black boots and a clutch purse out with friends to PF Changs in Downtown Houston in 50 degree weather, without a jacket,

Now there were other FEMININE women in our party that were rocking mini dresses and sleeveless tops but only mii is sick with the flu 24 hours after the fact. I guess I just didn't have a boy toy to wrap myself around or the masscara induced long eye lashes to make they surrender their jackets.

You know what I really think?
I think these women are not all telling the truth
I think there is something they do to themselves
either before or after such an excursion that wards off the cold
Maybe they take an ice bath or steam shower, i don't know


So yeah

Note to self and all other women who are trying to embracing their feminine side this late in life.

  1. Always have your jacket

  2. If you are not going to carry your jacket make sure your immune system has been bolstered by at least 3 days of Vitamin C and Vitamin E consumption

I have to go and blow my nose now



Jaycee said...



Kafo dearie, maybe it'll take like just a few more days or weeks before u fully embrace ur feminine side, just endure (lol). Sowwie abt ur cold tho, hope u recover fast...

Replied ur question abt my darling Asa...*wink*...listen to her new album!!!

webround said...

your immunity will develop fast enough, probably surpass those of your friends...

my first few days, i was usually cold. fast forward to a few weeks later, my classmates (born and raised here) are the ones feeling cold and i'm like "are u ok? this is normal....."

maybe it's the enduring Nigerian in me...

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Sorry u've got a cold...!!!
And if u don't trust d Vit C...then u can go natural and juz eat a doz apples and oranges...
Take care of yourself...

disgodkidd said...


Daydah said...

about the women and their tricks, i think they bath with cold water, so their body generates enough heat
then they stay in groups, and have a boytoy too (they have dates ahead so they are sure of a heater when they go out)lol
Try using GNLD products to boost your immunity against common illnesses. They are actually supplements and work wonders - natural ingredients all through

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL. Awwww, hate to hear about your cold. Trust me dear, these other women are freezing, or they are too pumped with alcohol to notice.

You're here in Houston?!?! I had no clue. What school are you attending? The U of H? I loooove PF Chang's. Maybe we should meet one of these days. I don't usually travel downtown as it is VERY confusing to me. Am horrible with directions and one way streets. LOL

Miss Pearse said...

Happy New Year Kafo...

*chuckles*...maybe I need to do some embracing myself.

COngrats on getting into Graduate school...Glad I'm not by myself in the madness...Get well soon.

Miss Pearse said...

Oh...@ Jaycee...I'm listening to track 6 right now: Eye Adaba.
I love Asa.

Kafo said...

@ days? i'm thinking more like decades at this rate yes I will check out your girl

@webround: AMEN i'm claiming it oooo

@ Ms Iyabo:thank you jare

@ disgodkidd: I feel the love

@ Daydah: LOL it seems that you have done your research

@ Queen of My Castle: Yeah the whole downtown thing is still scary for mii too many one way streets and no parking, but yeah when I figure out how to navigate to class and back without mapquest we should get together.

@ Miss Pearse: thanks, about embracing i must warn you COUGH COUGH that it comes with some risk.

i'm feeling left out about this Asa person. I'm going to check her out ASAP.

Daddy's Girl said...

Lol. Cute post... I am so not into hardship for the sake of beauty. But like you said, I guess there are ways to get around it with the right kind of precautions... Wanted to let you know about the Carnival kicking off on my blog tomorrow. Please stop by and participate. Details are on my blog...

Allied said...

lol.. i always choose comfort over beauty. I am one of those girls you will see wearing slippers under the table at a wedding. My shoes will only appear when i need to get up.

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

love eth blog hun

keep it up

The Last King Of Scotland said...

hey, sorry for getting back late. for him you can get Richard James cologne,Prada man, Armani code or Cool water by Davidoff. trust me, he will like it

Kafo said...

@ fresh and fab: thanks

@ daddy's girl: i'm on my way

@ allied: YES ooooo i have this pair of well worn snickers that i refuse to give up
they define comfort

@ last king of scotland: thank u oooooo

Jem said...

awwww... hope u are better now. what can i say? its about being warm, not fashion, lol.