I'm sorry people

I had a relapse

You see I am a recovering politics addict

and let's just say I fell off the wagon

I'm trying to get back on

but stuff keeps on happening

to see mii in pain
you can visit mii alter ego

i'm coming back tho
i'm almost there

Super Tuesday



I'm back
no more politics

yeah right

i can do both

can i

Feminine Side: I

There will come a day when embracing my feminine side will not cause calamity for my immune system.

But that day is NOT today.

So yeah. New year. New rules.

Why was I late to class, my FIRST GRAD SCHOOL COURSE.
I was being feminine.
Not trying to figure out what to wear but let mii tell you about the Saturday night before.

I'm embracing my feminine side and wearing a biege (can't say tan guess that is a guy color) V neck top with silky pants and hot black boots and a clutch purse out with friends to PF Changs in Downtown Houston in 50 degree weather, without a jacket,

Now there were other FEMININE women in our party that were rocking mini dresses and sleeveless tops but only mii is sick with the flu 24 hours after the fact. I guess I just didn't have a boy toy to wrap myself around or the masscara induced long eye lashes to make they surrender their jackets.

You know what I really think?
I think these women are not all telling the truth
I think there is something they do to themselves
either before or after such an excursion that wards off the cold
Maybe they take an ice bath or steam shower, i don't know


So yeah

Note to self and all other women who are trying to embracing their feminine side this late in life.

  1. Always have your jacket

  2. If you are not going to carry your jacket make sure your immune system has been bolstered by at least 3 days of Vitamin C and Vitamin E consumption

I have to go and blow my nose now


First day of class

Okay so where do i start

Today was the first day of school
and I was forty minutes late to my first class.

i was 44 minutes late to my first class

now it would be acceptable if my class was at 8 a.m. but class start at 1 p.m and I walked in at 1:44pm

and then to add insult to injury I did not even have a pen to take notes in class.
seriously, i had the ask the girl sitting behind mii for a pen and she had like 5 on her desk but had to reach into her backpack (which I DO NOT HAVE) to get a pen for mii.

very sad

and every one on campus was sort of dressed up
like they were happy to be back

but yeah
i'm trying to remember my first day of undergrad. but that was like 8 years ago but i need to believe that i was giddy about college then.

i really do need to believe that.

New Year

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I missed y'all but I was at home in Indy
Living in 3 different locations and trying to spend time with everyone especially all my kids I have like 8 now.

But anywayz
It is a new year

Happy New Year

and thanks for all the prayers for my Fusion event it was blessed.



Trying to aclimatize myself to this Houston weather. I moved to Houston, Cali and mii didn't agree too many tears and I start grad. school in 5 days.

one more thing
I'm embracing color
unconventional color this year
so yeah Orange is in and black is taking a vacation

and then I'm exploring my ultra feminine side
hence the pink

cuz i might soon get sick of it

No snow in January is freaky weird