I'm putting together this event (hence my recent absence from blogville) and to say we need a boatload of prayers is an understatement.

So yeah.

Please pray.


7 Weird Things About Mii

I was tagged by Jaycee.

  1. I have agruments in the shower: Most of the time I am replying or coming up with a better response to a discussion that occured days before. About a month ago I spent 30 minutes just talking it out while the water poured.

  2. I re-watch the 2 minutes before the love scence over and over again: Kissing is over rated but the moments before the kiss, yeah that is where it is. As the anticipation builds and they play the dance with their bodies and words. Yeah.

  3. I have a crush on Joe Biden: I really want this guy to win the election but for some reason Hillary and Obama are getting all the play. I spend my free time reading up on him and daydreaming about him being president.

  4. When I was 9 I had a crying blanket and pillow that followed me every where until my mom burnt it and then I was tramautized that I know latch on to well worn clothing.

  5. I love well worn clothes: clothes with character have a hard time leaving my body. I have this pair of PJs that I've had since '99 and I still wear it every chance I get, then there is the tank top from '98 that has holes in it that follows mii to the gym.

  6. I hate shopping: Yes I am female but shopping is over rated for mii,. It feels like a chore/punishment. I hate malls esp. because the bookstores don't have adequate seating for mii to pass the time while my sisters buy the clothes that I will eventually fap from their closets.

  7. I hate chocolate: Once again I MUST affirm my feminity, but I really don't care for it. I tell people I'm allergic to avoid the stares and awkward pauses in conversation.

Mercy. I don't think I have 7 people to tag who haven't already been tagged by Jaycee. So this is basicaly a free for all.

99 days later,

I am back home.