Woes of a Logical Person: IV

don't get it for mii
i want you to but
i get that you can't
so get
it for you
get it cuz it is
the right thing to do
no get if for mii
as a sign
as a gesture
i don't think it's
too much too ask
get it cuz u love mii
no, no,
NO! don't get it
cuz then u might resent mii
for putting u in that position
so don't get it for mii
get if for you
cuz if u get it for mii
it will only be b'cuz
i asked u to
so it wouldn't mean as much
as if you just got it
just like that
so don't get it for mii
get it cuz you really want too
cuz you need it
but then again
if u don't think u need it
why would
u get it
so don't get it
if u don't want to get it
if you don't get it for mii
no, i wouldn't feel worthless
but i might get mad
and then resent you
for not getting it for mii
even tho'
i did ask
so get it cuz you want to get it
it is the right thing to do
at least that's what i think
but if u don't think that
then don't
get it for mii
thinking of u
get it for us.
our relationship

this makes it better
it might help
but then if it doesn't
it's my fault
so don't
get it
don't get it cuz i ask you to get it
get it if you want to get it
i want you to want to get it
without mii asking u to get it
so yeah get

. . .

do u guyz get it
cuz if u don't get it
then i just wasted my time
so i need u to get it
but then again if u don't
that's cool
cuz it might make mii
seem philosophically superior to y'all
i kinda sorta need
you to get it tho'
cuz there is the possibility
that if you don't
then i might look infinitely crazy
on soo many different levels.
so get it
don't get it
think about it and then get it
b'cuz if u get it immediately
it might trivialize the gravity
so yeah chill then get it
or just act like you get it

honestly at this point
just get it


KM said...

Lol, I get it.

Expectations are a trip.

Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...

lmao i swear you're one confused heiffer. lmao
me likes though. you know what? you should see this link... its Maggie estep's "I am an Emotional Idiot, so get away from me" ..., your post reminds me of it.

Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...

and oh yeah, i did get it

Kafo said...

i sound like i have terrets of the brain

Uzo said...

I get it...you are not crazy. i get it

Allied said...

lol.. i got it the first time. Maybe it is because i can relate to it

curvyice said...

i get it, its gud too.....lol

Jaycee said...

lollll...i get it darling! U need us to get it, so we get it!!! Ha ha ha...

Did mr. man make u mad that he didn't get it? I'm sure he must get it by now...


Daydah said...

I got it before I even finished reading it. I can relate to it - in fact I am going through it right now!

You are not crazy. I take that back. You are crazy - in - love!

mack said...

I'll pretend. I was busy counting howmany 'get it's and dingetit's you had up, and still I didn get em.

I steal time out n spy,
Thanks for asking (or wanting to eventually).
I'm ok.

Jem said...

I get it as in the point of the prose but i don't get why it was written that way tho ...lol. It's different tho, cool.

Kafo said...

@ Jaycee: i wish he didn't get it, he did and he doesn't make mii mad, it is getting sad. okay so here is the short he got it but then i felt that i didn't articulate myself well so fast forward to the next day my friend had a similiar problem so i'm writing as mii trying to talk to him for her. (does that make any sense?)

@ daydah: WHAT DID my cousin do oooooo

@ mack: sniffle sniffle u had to pretend, i'll accept your pretense.
so r u back or still on hiatus?

@ jem: simple explanation "i suck at punctuation"