Reaction to the movie Something the Lord Made

My man loves this movie
I hate this movie
I reallly really really don't like it
Like certain parts of the Bible, it rubs mii raw
and then leaves mii with more questions then answers.

Find what you love and live it
Live what you love by working it
Working thru the uncertainty and disappointment
Shedding each layer of fear with failure
ilure frees you to live your life
By making peace with Trepidation
Trepidation embraces Uncertainty
Enveloping Anxiety with Wisdom
Driven to the scene by the Knowledge
That this is your life
Your destiny and each perceived pothole
is in actuality a signpost.
Leading you
On your journey
To perfection.
This perfection,
Which cannot and must not be defined by Pride
Or the expectations that others derive
Work it not for accolades and recognition
Because secret handshakes in back alleys with Conceit
Only gives you access to Vanity’s ballroom
So quit the tango
with Opulence
Throw away the bow tie of Arrogance
And walk out with the confidence
That you have been called
For a specific purpose
Reacquaint yourself with true success
Success that transcends
ideals and creeds
Reaching to satisfy humanity’s deepest needs

Stay tuned for the conclusion cuz I’m still processing the movie.


Believer said...

I haven't heard of this movie but thanks for the reminder to pursue the purpose that the Lord has given us. I am chosen for a specific purpose..halleluyah

Allied said...

But why do u hate it? Maybe most of it was unfair, but he did get recognized at the end. I would not call it wasted life.

Olamild said...

I have seen the movie
not once not thrice
I actually like it
what do u hate about it?

Olamild said...

I mean I was mad about what they did to him .... and I felt like the credit he was given came to late. what can we say?
Life's not fair
and these things happen day after day

Jaycee said...

lolll...I've seen the movie. Saddened me a little bit, but you know the final reward of a continuous self-less act always is GREAT.

It may not always be that great in man's books, but God does reward diligent self-less acts. It reminds me of the scripture that says, "God will not forget your labor of love."

Beautiful write-up always...(thanks).

Uzo said...

Hmm..Funny how when truth hits you in the face, its hard to deal? Love your blog by the way....

Kafo said...

@ allied: true, it wasn't a wasted life because he was doing what he loved, what he was meant to do but his pride took a serious blow and it hurts.

@ olamild: 3 times, maybe the second time i will feel a bit better. Why do i hate it? It was a bit tooo real you know how we like to get lost in fantasy but this was a double scoop of reality. THe hardest part for mii was him going back to the guy and asking for his job back and then the fact that the guy was oblivious at the end asking him to accompanying him to Columbia SERIOUSLY.

@ Jaycee: well said

@ Uzo: true, u hit the nail on the head.

laspapi said...

I liked your 'review'. I'll go look for it and see if I agree.