Thank God I'm Nigerian


We define innovation and let complication
serve as the reason for exploration
When others concede we proceed
and develop ways to succeed
In the midst of adversity
we create opportunity
We don't give up.

I wish I could go on about
our class, taste and unique spirit
but the pictures take care of all that
Happy Thanksgiving

Calabar Trailer

Anambra I-Pod




Water heater in Ibadan





Sokoto's New Toyota Cowrolla




Kano Ambulance


The Enigma said...

Thats absolutely insane. LOL

Believer said...

This was too much!!! How are you doing? Remain blessed and highly favoured. Happy Thanksgiving

Jaycee said...

lol. Someone showed me the toyota cowrolla at the beginning of the week and I was just laughing my head off....I'm so glad I'm Nigerian...:)

ooooohhh...I listened to Press on...very nice song for reflection...thankssssss!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Red Puree said...

lol @ the ambulance.

Happy Thanksgiving dear and have a lovely weekend.

In my head and around me said...

These pictures are too funny...especially the I-pod.

Olamild said...


It's too early to be cracking up like this o

Jaycee said...

ha ha ha...just read ur praise list for november...ahn ahn, I LOVE FREE.NAPSTER toooooooo....

oh my oh my........can't do w/o it. I get anything I's like waving a magic wand!!!!! U're just a

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

kafo u r a case. You will not kill me.lolllllllllllll

Kafo said...

@ the enigma: i laughed and then i appreciated it's ingenuity.

@ believer: i'm beautiful

@ Jaycee: yes i know it is after the fact the whole thanksgiving thingy but seriously, i thank God for you. i was listening to the New Alicia Keys, Isreal and New Breed and laura Izibor and just had to appreciate FREE NAPSTER.

@ life of a stranger: it made u laugh tho LOL :)

Daydah said...

I really appreciate my country, and you get to see stuff like this when you are in transit by road, like from Abuja to LAgos, and you pass through many many places.
Lol....we are really indomitable!
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...

the saddest one is the ambulance. Imagine tryna get to the hospital in that?!!!

UnNaked Soul said...

one love babes *wink*