To Know or Not to Know: 1 - To know what lies ahead

If you have a choice between certainty and hope,
choose certainty everytime.


I don’t want to twittle my thumbs
while waiting for the final wave
to sink this ship lost at sea

I want to know

I don’t want sit and imagine great things past
in an effort to persuade myself that
the future will surpass it in grandeur

I want to know

I don’t want to spend my days sautéing plans in dreams
and serving them up with hope as a side dish
on a platter on screwed up ideals

I want to know

I don’t want to choose a choice
that lands me in a separate country
far away from the goal that fuels my vision

I want to know what lies ahead


disgodkidd said...

do we have that option? wouldn't that be walking by sight, and not faith? but for real, it is a tempting offer...

Jaycee said...

Certainty is definitely a great thing, rather than uncertainty. But yet may be better for you to be "certain" at the right time, not moving or 'knowing' before ur time (or making a decision at the wrong time).

"He has made everything beautiful in it's own time..."

rethots said...

...naturally, I'd also rather know. But, ....

Allied said...

Certainty is good but Hope breeds dreams. And Dreams makes life bearable.

Noni Moss said...

Ahhh uncertainty is a bitch. I hate that.

Rinsola said...

How we all love to know what lies ahead of us, but if we had no uncertainty, we won't have one to look up to for a certain tomorrow.

Olamild said...

Knowing what's ahead at times
can make us take the wrong steps

I believe when we know somethings
because that's the best time to know it

Kafo said...


so in life we can't always have what we sometimes want which can occasionally hurt us but that doesn't stop us from wishing

faith is hard but interesting

i agree with u all esp. Noni moss, in God's time it will all be perfect and right but for this two and a half seconds prior to the 10 months or so of waiting for his time I WANT TO KNOW

thanks y'all

Daydah said...

I believe if we had prior knowledge of some events, God knows that we would try to prevent some, try to rush towards some, or even try to change others. Seriously...God's time is the best.
@KAfo, you can get a glimpse into the future...just pray for the gift of foresight, but be ready to face the music, good or bad. I ran when I got it.....ran so far from HIM, that I was afraid I would never find my way back. I am getting back slowly but believe me, its frightening.......very frightening.
[Call if u really want to know what it feels like]