Economic sanctions did not make Iraq fall
and just so you know, Iran is still standing tall.
Castro has outlasted the son of JFK
and all you can lay claim to is Gitmo Bay
Sanctions do not work

If you goal is to starve the average person
and let innocents get hanged for treason
If you want to fractionalize the future central government
by making thugs and warloads permanent
Keep on.

If fueling the propaganda machine
is your greatest wish and fondest dream
If the increase in rape victims gives you pleasure
and you revel in the blackmarket sale of a country's treasure
Keep on, keep, keeping on.

This is part of my letter to the G8, to get the rest of the story visit

Have a nice day.


Olamild said...

I know how u feel

Kafo said...

i just really want them to MAN UP

Jaycee said...

Reading this post caused somn to give inside of me...gosh, I really pray for a better world...

Reading abt the things that will happen at the end of the world today in Matthew 24 doesn't make things any better...

(love the mr. President song BTW dear)...

Olamild said...


DiAmOnD hawk said...

hey Kafo.. where are you o... want you to be part of my thankfulness series... simply write a post about what you're thankful for and what not tomorrow if you can.. check my blog for details

Allied said...