Economic sanctions did not make Iraq fall
and just so you know, Iran is still standing tall.
Castro has outlasted the son of JFK
and all you can lay claim to is Gitmo Bay
Sanctions do not work

If you goal is to starve the average person
and let innocents get hanged for treason
If you want to fractionalize the future central government
by making thugs and warloads permanent
Keep on.

If fueling the propaganda machine
is your greatest wish and fondest dream
If the increase in rape victims gives you pleasure
and you revel in the blackmarket sale of a country's treasure
Keep on, keep, keeping on.

This is part of my letter to the G8, to get the rest of the story visit

Have a nice day.

To Know or Not to Know: 1 - To know what lies ahead

If you have a choice between certainty and hope,
choose certainty everytime.


I don’t want to twittle my thumbs
while waiting for the final wave
to sink this ship lost at sea

I want to know

I don’t want sit and imagine great things past
in an effort to persuade myself that
the future will surpass it in grandeur

I want to know

I don’t want to spend my days sautéing plans in dreams
and serving them up with hope as a side dish
on a platter on screwed up ideals

I want to know

I don’t want to choose a choice
that lands me in a separate country
far away from the goal that fuels my vision

I want to know what lies ahead

To Know or Not to Know Series

I’m a pendulum
Constantly oscillating between two extremes

Some days I want to know
Others I am cool being ignorant
Some days I trust God implicitly
Others I'm the skeptic in residence

So this comes in parts

Today I think I want to know.

Truth Teller tooo late

I was feeling good about myself. This is not a normal occurance, so I'm chillin',
basking in the wonderful feeling that I had somehow averted disaster, and done the right thing at the right time.

You see, this whole truth telling thing is a bit harder than writing a few lines that rhyme.
It requires you to either give a part of yourself or take apart another person.
It seldomly comes with no repercussions.

But I'm feeling good about myself because I had told the truth and truth is all that matters, right?
I mean, I even managed to do it in a lovingly manner. John Lennen said that love is all you need so I thought that telling the truth in love was the best course of action.

I wasn't trying to hurt her,
I wasn't trying to reduce her dreams to cliche.
I wasn't trying to get a few laughs at the expense of her heart.
I wasn't trying ...
I wasn't trying to do ANYTHING,
I was just living my life the way I wanted without having it constantly scrutinized by all.
Is that wrong?

Two years.... she had given it two years and I had given it,
8 months?
but the truth had to be told and I did it and thought that I had strengthened a friendship.
and then I picked up my freaking phone.

awon aye
awon amebo

I'm dating this guy, sorta
and I decided not to tell anyone at his church and neither did he
then I got on a plane and moved to Cali.
now there is this girl who has had a thing for my guy for about 2 years now, she claims that he is constantly looking at her, staring at her feet and stuff like that. Up until Friday I had only heard about her feelings thru' the church grapevine so I never really gave it any credence. Anywayz i thought that she got over it and had moved on to this other guy and then i'm talking to the chick on Friday and she is still going ga ga over my boy and I was like OOOOH NO!!!.

I didn't want to deal with it
so i circled around the issue and just told her that the guy was taken but I didn't say who he was dating because I really didn't want my whole private life splayed across the Church steps.

but my words were looking back at mii (the whole Truth-teller poem)
accusing mii
so on Sunday I called her back to tell her that the guy she had a thing for was taken but it seems like some NOSEY AMEBO who doesn't have a life had told her a couple hours before I did.

So now she not only feels bad because she has lost her dream man
She also has a slight mistrust of the youth of our church
and our relationship (mii and her) is basically in shambles because she thinks that I was lying to her and laughing at her behind her back.

The weird thing is that when I called her she didn't act like she was aware at all and then today I find out that someone broke the news to her 4 hours before and she was devastated. I know this person who decided to impart the knowledge to her and let's just say it wasn't altrustic or out of love or anything like that. This person isn't exactly tactful or nice, so I'm pretty sure she made the girl feel like an idiot.

What aggravates me about the whole situation is that today I spent over 2 hours on this issue when my sister is in the hospital, my mom is confined to bed rest, my future is uncertain, my relationship with God is rocky.

It seems like in an effort to avoid confronting our own mediocre existence
we invest time in dissecting the lives of others.
I'm done
I'm guilty of it myself.
two weeks ago i spent a third of my conversation with my boy discussion some other person's love life.
Hmmmm.....words, words words, they're coming.

This is why I try and avoid the whole church community and keep my private life private.
but even that has repercussions.


and now i have spent another 30 minutes blogging about it.

Speak: Truth Tellers?

Nothing can be more cruel than the leniency which abandons others to their sin.
Nothing can be more compassionate than the severe reprimand which calls another Christian in one's community back from the path of sin.
------------------------------------------------Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

You sugar coat and dress it up
like lil’ Barbie it’s all dolled up
Masking it beneath platitudes
with a nonchalant attitude
Because your scared of rejection
you prevent my comprehension
Smothering needed correction
to prevent possible tension
Spoken with the best intentions
you portray a misconception
In an attempt to remain my friend
you instead contribute to my end
In an effort to persuade
you evade and parade
To maintain this masquerade
that is being portrayed
you weave webs of deceit
making truth seem obsolete.