The greatest want in the world is the want of men;
men who will not be bought or sold;
men who in their inmost souls are true and honest,
men who do not fear to call sin by its right name;
men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole;
men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. –Ellen G. White


You are not defined by wealth
So quit stockpiling riches
conniving and lying just to make a dollar
You justify shirking your responsibilities
by saying your chasing the American dream
but in reality you are buying more toys
to compensate for your low self esteem
your money does not make you a man

You are not defined by position
So quit scheming and backstabbing

those you say are your friends
You climb up the ladder with invisible glass ceilings
trying to serve the man in order to become the man
but in reality you are just one pawn on this board
in this pursuit of so called self actualization
Your job does not make you a man

You are not defined by education
So quit using big words and feigning knowledge
Presenting others people ideas as your own
Making sure you win every discussion
Spouting philosophical theories
whosheying! Please,
Intelligence is not measured by degrees
Wasting time, memorizing words of dead white men
Your title does not make you a man

You are not defined by mii
You are not defined by any daughter of Eve
So quit boasting about those you think you’ve tamed
Measuring your essence by the size of your dick
Marking your bedpost each time you get laid
Talking out the side of your mouth
whosheying! Please,
Character is not measured by words
Wasting time, working constantly on your game,
Your charm does not make you a man


Every since moving to Cali I have been overwhelmed with testosterone.
I live with my Uncle and his family and there are these two other guys, ages 23 and 25 that also crash in his place and every where I go there are uncles who knew mii when I was 4.
This is reminiscient of the whole Junior/Senior year in college where I'm the solo female in the group.
I’m in church today and the pastor says this quote and boom the words start to flow.
Now being that I CAN'T tell this to all the boys that act like men that I know
I'm share it with y’all instead.

I couldn't figure out a way to end it tho.
so i think i have to answer the question and say exactly what makes a man a man
I think we need a conclusion


Vixen said...

Love the new layout....omo pele o! Those frickin' 'men'. Sheesh.

Check out

what do you think?>

Soul said...

Amen ... amen... amen.
You are not defined by education
So quit using big words and feigning knowledge
Presenting others people ideas as your own
Making sure you win every discussion
Spouting philosophical theories

A -- men!.
I've had something running around in my mind that's similar but I'm soo glad you put this out...
Nice one Kafo.
p.s. Hope Cali treats you real good in a few...

KM said...

What makes a man a man? Patience, managed strength, vision, leadership, and humility... plus the usual y-chromosome, some lovely broad shoulders, and willingness to take directions.
You did ask. :-)

UnNaked Soul said...

nice piece...
The world needs a new dictionary *wink*

Waffarian said...

I loved the poem! heheheheh, its so true that it is pathetic!

Rinsola said...

Lovely post. Thanks for stopping by missy. Have a fufilled week ahead

Daydah said...

Lovely...the usual soul baring...
I think it would be too much for them if you told
On the other hand, they might feel really important if you did.....
Glad u r trying to fit it.
Lotts'a luv

Olamild said...

definitely love ur style of writing

feather said...

what are men defined by?

Miss Opeke said...

Enuf R.E.S.P.E.C.T for diz lovely post…

Jaycee said...


then u now put the "that don't impress me much", u're a trip.

Don't worry your estrogen will eradicate the smell of every strong testosterone that tries to overpower ur energy. But see, you're special...God uses unique things like the propects of ur femaledom in the midst of men to tell you u're unique. Not every girl can stand in the same boat as u...

This our Cali life is becoming more interesting (loved the poem and associating usual)...


Kafo said...

@ Vixen: r these ppl. for real. I don't know if this will really help mii read faster oooo

@Soul: girl this was my fave. section I was like DANG AHHH THIS IS GOOD and real cuz there is this guy who thinks he is soooooooooo smart
anywayz Cali requires patience, I figure it will pay off sometime

@ KM: thank you for answering the question jare, now all i need to do is dress it up. LOL

@ Daydah: did u call mii today. my bad if u did.

@ Rinsola: thanks

@ Feather: i'm not entirely sure, still working on that one.

@ Olamild: today was a good day,

@ Unnaked Soul: ha ha, i was reading your blog and it finally occured to mii that unnaked is kinda a double negative hmmmm.

@ Waffarian: i'm whoseying again at all those men jare

@ Ms. Opeke: thanks

@ Jaycee: LOL your estrogen will eradicate the smell of testetorone. I AM LAUGHING. Thank you once again, u always have a prophetic and encouraging word. what will i do without your comments?

Sparkle said...

the song was from Sound Sultan

ICE said...

Seen on the back window of a vehicle: "REAL MEN LOVE JESUS"

Nuff said.

rethots said...

...apparently, what makes one one is one; not the goldplating. One's essence.

Atutupoyoyo said...

mii likey :-)

laspapi said...

I enjoyed that, Kafo but I thought you would finish it, Kafo. What makes a man a man?

UnNaked Soul said...

double negative sounds positive and it ain't bad at all *wink*

Kafo said...

@ Sparkle: thanks

@ Laspapi: I'm still working on that part, i lack the visible inspiration tho'

@ rethots: well said Jare

Jem said...

hmmmmm..... I am loving this. There seems to be the new you in ur writing... nice!