I'm tired


When you at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on --- Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Once again this is a case of quoter gone berserk. The statement seems innocent enough until you have one of those never ending days in which your nightmares come to pass.


I'm thinking
Now that I'm at the end of my rope, is talking about a knot the best way to cheer mii up
Now that I'm at the end of my rope talking about tying a knot is very dangerous. because being that I AM at the end of my rope when I think of a knot, I'm thinking of Judas' kind of knot.

I'm thinking
Now that I'm at the end of my rope, is tying a knot the best way to go out.
Now that you have planted the idea of suicide in my already addled mind I might become more creative and spice things up a bit. Would it be beneficial (wrong word, suicide CAN'T benefit anyone) okay less painful for mii to sit there and strangle myself.

I'm thinking food, good food OF COURSE
mixed with
Rat poisioning,

of course the thought has never crossed my mind

I've been in Cali for about 16 hours and all I want to do is exit stage left
I have managed to brake a wheel on my suitcase and lose my identity
I can't start working
I can't get a Cali license
I can't open a bank account
I can't drive
I can't get a new IN license w/o being present and presenting my non-existent SS card
I can't obtain a new SS card w/o committing a federal crime and presenting my license
I can't do anything
because my SSN card, license, all my credit AND charge cards AND gift cards have surreptioulsy disappeared.

Okay surreptiously is the wrong word
More like I MISPLACED (i don't want to use the word LOST because I might jinx it) MY FREAKING PURSE.
The day was going bad enough already, with the whole 100 degree temp.
I had managed to accomplish nothing and only cried twice and now this.

Here I am trying to stay awake a few minutes longer so that I can call all those nonsense companies that do not have 24 hour service for stolen cards. Mercy!

I guess one good thing about this is that 5 am in Cali is 8 on the east coast but then again I wouldn't have lost my identity if I hadn't gotten on a plane to come to this arid place.

I'm stopping

So yeah, please pray that it miraclously appears because that whole end of the rope thing is ... yeah. Let's just say that I need help

and sleep

good nite


disgodkidd said...

lol. excuse my laughter. am thinking of "the adventures of indiana jones".

ok, let me make myself useful. dear father, K needs you to spin her world right side up again. amen.

Kafo said...

u r laughing at my pain

hey yah

KM said...

Ah, sweetheart. Peace be still.


Naijadude said...

You will be fine, dont worry.. Just be cool!

I was on the blog looooooong time ago

Jaycee said...

sweet heart...

Don't forget that God hasn't left you, not even once...

Hold on...stay put, stay calm...even if you don't find ur wallet, it's not the end of the world (yeah right, easier said because it's not me right?, but the best people to tell u things are the people who aren't going through the stuff at the time).

Remember that God does miracles...you will find the wallet if its God's will. But if u don't, just be STILL and know that He is God...

Don't forget we're all in this California trip together...MUAH!!!

Atutupoyoyo said...

My poor Kafo. Staying with the biblical analogy, let us just call this rude introduction a baptism of fire from which you will emerge anew.

The red tape sounds like a nightmare. The displacement will slowly ebb away and you will slowly start feeling among. You might even start interacting with these Californian aliens. E go better my dear

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hey girl... i hope things are lookig up.. let's know what's up

mack said...

tie a knot and hang on could also mean: When you're hanging on a dangling rope and you reach the end, tie a knot, and maybe you could hang on a little longer. However it's easier to fall off than it is to hang on with your teeth to tie a knot with your both hands--

When stuff's going bad and you're losing your mind, don't lose all of it. Lose just enough to make you mad enough, but reserve enough to pull your yourself together.

I love you.

Believer said...

Loved mack's comment. Heavenly Father, be with Kafo and see her through this transition. Be her anchor in the storm and give her a peace that passes all understanding. IT SHALL BE WELL. Don't give up!

Kafo said...

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Seriously this whole last week was like hell even the temperature.

but yeah

e se

pray for mii

Miss Opeke said...

Thank God o...I can only imagine what you went through before you found it...God does not sleep indeed...

Jem said...

eyaaaa.....sorry to hear this but chances are that you are going to find it because there a good people out there.....angels who will keep it till you get it.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

kafo.. seems like you too had a bout of the week I've had. But one think I leanrt through it all is through endurance and patience God will settle all that ailes our heart. It is well.

Jaycee said...

Yayyy, u found ur purse...I'm happy. Thank God!

Daydah said...

Calm down...calm down...you'll find it. When things start spinning out of control like that, it helps me to stand still and start praying out loud, like having a conversation though. It works wonders for my wits and my blood pressure. You should try that sometime.

He led you there. Maybe He needs your TOTAL dependence for a few hours. You never know..it might just turn up when you least expect.
God is in control, dear

Daydah said...

Glad you found it. Shows you never have to wait to tie any knots....lol
Keep smiling...