Sprung story

So yeah, I'm sprung. Just like everything else around mii in this loco world it was beyond my control. But then again if it made sense I wouldn't be a process of springing but a logical conclusion. The wierd thing about the whole sprungness feeling is that it doens't dissipate. I know eventually it should start to fade but for the last month it has basically been one big knot.

So yeah, here I am mourning the loss of my solo levelist lifestyle. There is no one that a person can behave in such a manner and still claim to be single. So I guess after 23 wonderful years of unsprungfulness.

So yeah, I wish I can pinpoint the exact moment but I can't. It's like after writing the whole Woes of a Logical Person 3 I realized OOPS Girl u have it bad. I mean why else would I be mourning the loss of something that hadn't begun.

Sniffle, sniffle.
I'm not entirely sure that I will miss the solo levelist days tho.

Wish mii luck.