Parting I

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall wait till it be 'morrow. William Shakespeare

This doesn't make any sense. What is Willy saying?
Is he saying he plans to delay the parting a couple of more centuries until he suffers from dementia and can't remember a thing?
Is he saying that he will delay the sorrow that naturally will come with the parting?
Is he sooo high on crazy romantic illusions that he believes that sweet sorrow will metamorphizes into something else?

I don't know what he was trying to say.
All I do know is that

trying to find a reason to stop time while fast forwarding into the future is absurd,
trying to pack 2 and a half years of stuff into 2 50-pound suitcases is impossible,
trying to convince yourself that phone calls will ease the seperation is illogical,
trying to teleport yourself back for every celebration and event is ridiculous,
trying to create a strong impression so that ppl. remember you is pathetic,
trying to memorize each person with your Canon SD1000 is ineffective,
trying to deepen relationships while the pendulum swings is useless,
trying to control the pain with logical extrapolations is ludicrous,
trying to mend bridges so that u're conscience is clean is sad,
trying to stop the flow of tears with Kleenex is hopeless,
trying to capitalize and savor every moment is futile,
trying to ration the amount of hugs is pathetic,
trying to savor his embrace is impossible,
trying to put on a strong front is pitiful,
trying to express your fears is risky,
trying to smile is time-consuming,
trying to breathe is too hard.

but yeah,
here I am failing at all I am trying

but still trying to convince myself that leaving Indy and moving to Southern Cali. is for the best.


KM said...

Hey, K -- I wish you Californian success!

I also understand the paradoxes of parting all too well.

But it is, as you say, useless to resist the pendulum swing, especially since you can't really stop the pendulum from swinging, and it's better to embrace the movement than to just curse it all and jump off, lol...

In time, life teaches one how to enjoy the upswing and also to draw insight from the downswing; to get torn up over neither one but to learn and love through both. :-)


Nyemoni said...

Wishing you the very best, regardless of your decisions! You just try to be happy! Take care..

Oracle said...

Trying to live your Life happily when you know sad times will come.

Things like this happens but i guess we just have to learn to live with it.

30+ said...

All the best God's got your back.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

wow - don't worry, is cali not just up the road. I will come visit, how much is the cost of the flight self? chicken change.

All is well, this is season to throw out rubbish and decide whats important to keep. remember the steps of the righteous is ordered by God so all is well.

such parting is indeed sweet sorrow, but then again I am not going anywhere.

all is well.

disgodkidd said...

not only do the words blow me away, the structuring blows me too. how do u do these poems?

anyway, be brave. especially, knowing He is with you.

Atutupoyoyo said...

KAFO! KAFO! KAFO! Another paragon of rhythym and structure. Why you are wasting your time engineering I will never know. The need for an income I suppose plays a part.

Big move o! Is it work related? You will be alright after the initial loneliness. Your Blogsville people will follow you anywhere you go anyways. Keep me posted.

Allied said...

parting is indeed hard but sometimes it is good.

Jaycee said...

shweet-hart... really wouldn't be easy...but as far as you allowed God to ORDER UR STEPS to Southern Cali, when all is done...u'll know the reason for moving, and if God is in it, u'll def have GREATER JOY than u have now...ur relationships with everyone u're leaving behind will be deepened (yup, true...)

Trust God Kafo...He knows what He's doing...

I remember leaving Nigeria for America...I can't even describe how I felt, and I had just broken off a relationship too...a ya ya...(lol)...

I LOVEEEEDDDD the way you composed this piece...u are somn!!! Have a safe trip...

Jaycee said...

yeah...atutupoyoyo said it well...

ur blogsville fans ain't going no where...we're moving with

Rinsola said...

Be sure He has your best at heart. All things work together for good to those that love the Lord. Wish you all the best in this new journey. Take care missy

Kafo said...

@ KM: hmmmm embrace the movement. I like that

@ nyemoni: thank you oooooo

@ Oracle: yeah i know the million dollar question is how do you do that without letting the pain cloud your judgement

@ 30+: yes He does, I just really really really infinitely really wish he would tell mii what He is planning

@ the life of a stranger: LOL, thank you ooooooo

@ atutupoyoyo: i'm beginning to take you serious

@ disgodkidd: keep mii in your prayers

@ allied: tell mii more...

@ Jaycee: i wish i could take you with mii.


I am


@ rinsola: thanks

Jaybabe said...


JJ said...

Blown at the composition of your words!
Your fears are justified but you will be a-ok. For whatever reason you're moving up there i'm sure things will work out for the just enjoy the change.

KM said...

Kafo -- off-topic, but I wanted to share this message with you. Forward it if the Spirit inspires you.

The Spirit of the Gospel - John Nixon


feather said...

leaving's never easy. i do love this though.

Daydah said...

God's ways are mysterious.....And we never truly part with our friends, cos they exist in our hearts forever.
God be with you.....