I have never thought of myself as a poet. I'm a numbers child, a huge chunk of my childhood memories are steeped in swapping homework with the sisters. I did their math homework and they wrote all those asinine essays of "How to Prepare my favorite dish" or "My Family" or the one we had to write after every single break "How I spent my Holiday." (I mean were our teachers lives that pathetic that they had to get their kicks out of finding out how our summer break went?)

Anyway I never thought of myself as a wordsmith. In SS 1, I cheated. Before this I was the source of info. people came to mii for answers but it's the last day of finals and some guy from Poetic Justice's class stole the wrong exam questions and ended up having the expo for the SS 1 English Literature final (instead of for his class, SS 2) and I wasn't in the mood of figuring out what the difference between an oxymoron and hyperbole was so yeah I cheated.

I came to America Junior year of high school and had to write a reserach paper. Mii, Kafo, spent the better part of a month researching about the Holocaust, I had NIGTHMARES, wrote 10 freaking pages on the tragedy and Ms. Schaffer (yes I remember her name, and her hair style and her scrowl) rewarded my efforts (this was the first time I tried to write a paper on my own) with a D and then when she found out that I had just gotten off the Mayflower she upgraded it to a D+.

I went to college and chose the major with the most math classes without becoming a Math Major (b'cuz then I might end up a schizophrenic like John Nash). Freshman year I tried in vain to convince my Gen. Chemistry prof. that writing a conclusion for each lab would detract from the lesson learned that day. My sophmore year, I remember sitting in English Lit 1 and thinking of ways to torture my professor after she made us write a paper on that crazy poet lady that commited suicide, was it Plath? Junior year if it was not for "The Economist" reading head of department I would have convinced all the profs. in our department to handle my papers with care because English was my second language.

But here I am years after avoiding English, cheating on a final, swapping homework, changing majors, bribing sisters and negotiating with Lab techs.

Here I am, a poet.

Today I was reading Mack's latest post and as I was writing a comment words just came and I was like, "Wow, chill, I'm a poet."

I'm a poet even tho' I still can't tell the difference between an oxymoron and a hyperbole.
I'm a poet even tho' I haven't read any of the literary geniuses like Byron or Hughes.
I'm a poet even tho' I still haven't figured out what a comma splice
I'm a poet even tho' I still don't know when to use a semi colon.
I'm a poet even tho' most days the words come out wrong
I'm a poet even tho' some days the words confuse mii.
I'm a poet even tho' I still prefer numbers to letters.
I'm a poet even tho' some words prove elusive.

So yeah this is for Mack

Don't stop
As poets we never run out of things to say
Regardless of our forever evolving relationships
Seeking to manipulate how we view ourselves
In addition to the anger that stains our thoughts
Drenched in the constant upheaval of the cosmos
In spite of the noise that threatens to submerge our voice
Coupled with the pain that defines this moment
We are still and will always be poets

We exist
to inspire a generation to think
to share a light that banishes darkness
to speak a truth in a world where lies thrive
to convey a feeling that is cloaked in mystery
to provoke a response from the nonchalant
to empower a nation to act
especially now
to provide an anchor in the midst of the storm
to bridge a gap between our amnesiac present and our past
to discover a path that leads others to the Light

We exist to speak life

so don't give in to the voice that says you are worthless
don't succumb to the idea that you have nothing to say
don't embrace feelings that cripple the mind
you are not useless

you are a poet.


mack said...

A whole post dedicated to me--

If I swore I was going to die as my heart has, aren't your words enough to heal me?

If I said I'd never love as I have, isn't your name enough to remind me I could try-- even once more?

If I said I wasn't in love with you, wouldn't I be the biggest liar?

I feel your touch... I'll live, but for your words-- I'm a poet.

disgodkidd said...

not just writing the words
or saying it right.

breathing it
living it.

azuka said...


Nilla said...


'Tis Lovely!!

JJ said...

Nice! Mucho nice! And mack's comment is likewise sweet. Do your thing poets!

KM said...

Kafo, that was decent still. :-)
Btw, got a question for ya: check the post called "Image." Weigh in for me, and prod anybody else you think might be interested?

Jaycee said...


mack is def a poet, and you too Kafo...I guess I have to unravel the secret truth that almost every day I have to read words by you kafo, and by Mack (esp when he was very active). You two are def my everyday reads on the entire's amazing!!!

Jaycee said...

Oh my gosh....I love "DARE YOU TO MOVE..."

OUCHHHH....u keep pulling on my heart strings...loll

Atutupoyoyo said...

Poetry is like the more mature, refined sibling of prose. I am a big fan of your poetry as you know and it is an abilty I marvel at.

A blog is all well and good but you should try and get some of these published.

Noni Moss said...

You are a true poet. You just make it seem soo easy and oh soo readable.

I'm jealous - I wish someone would dedicate a whole post to me :-(

Loll - have a good weekend!

Olamild said...

How sweet of u to dedicate a poem to a friend.

UnNaked Soul said...

so cute!
i think there's a poet in everyone.
even laughter has a rhythm
and some laughter can be very poetic

i like. *wink*

Miss Pearse said...

Hmmm...I see you're very modest. It's the ones we least expect to be soulful that we have to watch out for. This is a beautiful piece. I haven't been captivated by words since...I can't remember. Hats off to you, for You my dear are a Poet.

Jaja said...

Good. v. good..
I like...