Today my sister ...

I'm trying to get this all out before the clock strikes twelve.
Something beautiful happened today and in order for mii to say today i have to finish this post in the next 28 minutes so yeah here it goes.

Today my sister who I used to feed when she two,
Today my sister who likes to try on every shoe

Today my sister who fought with me over Champion & Happy Day underwear
Today my sister who likes to dress up in outrageous color and flair

Today my sister who got sick from eating banana cake mix
Today my sister who beat the living daylights out of mii when she was six

Today my sister who made mii cry when my dad spanked her for beating mii up
Today my sister who always tries to dress mii up

Today my sister who played every role in her neverending dramas
Today my sister who knows in detail every childhood trauma

Today my sister who is three inches taller than mii
Today my sister who climbed Guava trees with mii

Today my sister who has the LD on every Naija person we know
Today my sister who knows more about Hillary than Bill wants to know

Today my sister who tried to cage a scorpion with her feet
Today my sister who acts likes she knows everyone she meets

Today my sister who bugs mii 24/7
Today my sister who left home when she was eleven

Today my sister who is too lazy to write her own resume
Today my sister who has fun everyday

Today my sister who is 2 years and 4 months my junior,
Today my sister who knows Makosa like an African Dance major

Today my sister who has dealt with undisciplined Naija children
Today my sister who named chickens and cried when they were eaten

Today my sister who doesn't understand the concept of daytime minutes
Today my sister who thinks that she is the sheeznit

Today my sister who saved mii from being the lastborn
Today my sister who continues to rescue mii from boredom

Today my sister who has an awesome memory
Today my sister who wishes she could drive the Camry

Today my sister, my ONLY baby sister, graduated from college

and if anyone, if one more person including the parents thanks mii for being there I WILL LOSE MY MIND.


Lost Soul said...

thank you Menty for being there
Loved it! yeah when did she try and trap her foot with a scorpion?

Noni Moss said...

Lolll - awwww your baby is grown! :-D

Seriously though your LITTLE sister beat you up? lmao!

Jaycee said...

Allied said...


Kafo said...

@ lost soul: in ASWA

@ noni: yeah but now that she is taller than mii and looks like she is 5 years older i can get away with telling the tale

Atutupoyoyo said...

There are few bloggers as capable as you in expressing themselves, or indeed telling a story, through verse.

My little brother used to beat me up as well but only because I was trying to boost his ego.

Congratulations babe.

disgodkidd said...

i always wish i had a lil sis. congrats on her grad.

Vixen said...

Oh Menty, thank you for being there...lmao!

I love you guys! Man, Jojo is surely growing up fast. I feel old.

Kafo said...

@ atutupoyoyo: ahhhh yeah it was for his ego alright. LOL

@ disgodkidd: be careful what u wish for ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

@ Vixen: MERCY why did u mention her name? se internet confidentiality is foreign to u ni
sad u are getting old
aren't u like 6 years older than she is
o ma se ooooooooooooooooooooo

classybabe said...

Lovely post.Congratulations to your sister!

Jaycee said...

I LOVEEEEE those two songs on ur playlist...lolll...the friends forever song was my high school grad song, lolll...memories!

...toyintomato said...

..awhhh...gosh,proud of you, big congratulation to you sister.
(welcome to the club of our younger ones beatin us up..lmao)

DiAmOnD hawk said...

aaawww girl.. now i want to adopt you as my sister too!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

awwwww, towards the end, i thought your sister just got married or something. Congrats on her graduation