Are you teachable?

I was in church last week and in the middle of the sermon I had this overwhelming urge to stand up and tell the pastor to SHUT UP.

I had to resist the urge again this past Sabbath.


It was hard but I controlled myself and did not tell the pastor to HUSH.

Here's the problem.
  1. Homelessness and mii don't agree, the pastor is my uncle, STRIKE 1 and so there is the whole Naija respect thing, oh and I do live in his house so telling him to hush would not be beneficial for my bumified being.
  2. Then there is the obvious fact that he is a man of God, STRIKE 2 and God might choose the moment to teach mii a lesson and strike me with lightening or make mii dumb, either way my life is irrevocably altered.
  3. STRIKE 3, everybody knows mii, my voice, my hair, my Naija outfits there is no way, no way that I would have been able to pass it on to my non-existent twin sister or claim to have had an out-of-body experience.
So yeah,
I kept my tush in the seat and did not tell him to shut up.

Instead I tried to write as fast as my fingers could because what he was saying was sooooooo
soooo sooooo beautiful. Mercy. It is sad that I have forgotten all that shorthand that they tried to force down my throat at ISI.

I needed to tell him to shut up so that I could write down all the stuff he was saying but he just kept on going an' going an' going and eventually I just gave up and figured why am I stressing I live with this guy I could hack into his computer and get the sermon.


Here's what I was able to write last week.

Prov. 17: 10: A rebuke goes deeper into one who has understanding, than a hundred blows into a fool.

If you are teachable you are changeable
If you are changeable you are fixable.

If you are teacheable
  1. You will not play with sin: Samson
  2. You will not give an excuse: Moses
  3. You must be willing to break down the idols in your life: Gideon
  4. You must be willing to do the things that don't make sense to you: Joshua
  5. You mut be listening for His voice: Samuel and Elijah

Are you teachable?
  1. When was the last time people gave mii input: if no one is giving you input it is because you are a dead horse and they have given up on you because they know you will not listen or react positively to what they have to say.
  2. When I see measureable growth in my character.
  3. When I don't have to answer each critique with a defense: do you have an answer/excuse or rationale for every mistake? Do you constantly find yourself justifying eact action and explaining it to the advisor EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
  4. When I don't have to criticize back: when my pride is in check and I am able to look at the person and not try and discredit them
  5. When I'm learning new ways to grow: it doesn't end with the light that you have recieved. Learning is a lifelong process and doesn't end the moment you get baptized.

Up until #3 I was feeling pretty good about myself and then he said those words and I was like OUCH.

So yeah I just needed to share this while it was still fresh in my mind. Ahhhh now that I am done I am thinking of this quote by my boy Bonhoeffer. Ahhhhhh, okay I'll be back later to give u my spin on Bonhoeffer's confrontation.



disgodkidd said...

lol...your intro dropped my jaw...

disgodkidd said...

ISI = International School, Ibadan?

Kafo said...

ha ha
no seriously
I was really thinking of standing up and screaming MERCY SLOW DOWN
but yeah

yep International School of Ibadan in the hey days when we were the creme de la creme

Jaycee said...

This is CRAZILLLLLLLYYYY similar to what I've been learning for the past three weeks, that God wants us to go to a place where our own emotions don't even matter anymore ("poor in spirit") I've been learning to take in critism without getting mad or offended, I do NOT have to retort to every statement someone makes to me, because the life that I live is no longer mine but Christ Who lives in why shouldn't I be teachable?

Even Jesus was teachable to the words of His Father...

Jaycee said...

I LOVEEEEE this post...thanks!

Atutupoyoyo said...

There is a special part of hell reserved for those that stand up and church and tell the pastor to sharrap. I am happy you didn't so we can still jolly in Heaven :-)

This was a good read. You are showing a new side to you everyday babe. Kafo the spiritual, scientific, political and currently sprung poet.

UndaCovaSista said...

girlfriend, you had me worried there for a moment, but i see what you did *taps side of nose with finger*. Very nice..

mack said...

self searching.i have to getback to that.

But then again, who am I trying to be like if not just me?

Though things lately have been smoothe and easy since the break-up, and I'm thinking "I'm free"--
I still think I could use some heart-finish.


Soul said...

Firstly I have to confess.. I try as much as possible not to comment on religion for many reasons, I think the way we worship or receive the message can differ and I find that some people don't accept that.

oh well, I'm doing it on your blog so... I guess there are always exceptions from time to time.

Firstly, you ever heard of the record button on your MP3 player (shame on you!!) in this technology age that you didn't just take a recorder with you to record the sermon (smile)

ASide from that your post raised a few issues with me, here's the thing.. (Moving the issue away from your uncle and your church)

Men of God are not fallable and only God knows who his annoited are... in this day and age and as always there have always been false prophets, those who proclaim loudly and have massive followers but still are prophets and proclaim they are serving the lord.. in such a situation one must believe deeply in the word of God and one must have deep faith and one has a christian duty to get up and tell the pastor to shut up. Especially if the man/woman is re-working the bible for his own benefit or talking crap.

Blindly following a self declared man of God is what is destroying the message of christianity today (in my opinion). It is corrupting chrirtianity absolutely.

Again this is not directed at you or your uncle or your church, what you said just made me think of a different scenario

Soul said...

"If you are teachable you are changeable
If you are changeable you are fixable."

But then this isn't necessarily true.
You can be thought to change what you are, even if there is nothing wrong with you, this doesn't mean you are fixable, it can mean that you are malleable or that you can supress your true self.

This can be applied to issues of sexuality, moral character and even gender and even intelligence e.t.c.

I guess my issue with many modern christian organisations is that they view questions as bad. And a question for which they have no answer seems to make many pastors condemn the person asking as the spawn of the 'anti christ'.

Many modern day preachers seem to be allergic to saying, 'I do not know, but my faith leads me to believe that it is this way... '.

30+ said...

This is good food for thought

Allied said...

I have to digest this!

Olamild said...

Lovely Post
U got me for a min (intro)
I like the teachings

laspapi said...

Like most humans, I have issues with critique, but I'm trying...One, however, must learn to listen to the constructive alone as you did...

KM said...

Mack said "Who am I trying to be like if not just me?"

Like God, no? Made in his image, after all. If He consumes instead of fulfilling, then yes, in trying to be more like Him you would become less yourself. But if He fulfills instead of consuming, then growing into His image actually makes you *more* truly yourself...

I think that's cool.

mack said...

loving this post.

Miss Opeke said...

Juz at the right time I came here and I read this...I know God is speaking to me too...
I hope u'll share more of these kind of post plz...???

Omodudu said...

I struggle to remain teachable its not easy for strong head folks like me. Whis is that that went to ISI oya report here.

Kafo said...

@ Jaycee: at this point i'm beginning to wonder if you have a secret relationship with the fly that lives in my house.

@ Soul: about the preacher thing, I c what you are saying but u kinda lost mii on the second part. The whole teachable thing

I guess you had to listen to the sermon but the whole phrase was being used for character development. and i think a crucial element is the willingness.

this shouldn't be about other people what but you yourself have to want to change something or the whole having the class is a waste of time

@ omodudu: yeah i spent the first 2 years of JSS at the GREAT IS Ibadan mercy that was ages ago i started JSS 1 in 1995

please don't tell mii you are one of those aje butter IS Lagos kids.

@atutupoyoyo: i didn't know they had a reserved seating in hell. LOL

Jem said...

Nice one ....

Sparkle said...

just had to read this...really nice
thanks for sharing...I'll be back for more