Woes of a Logical Person: III

How am I supposed to get over you
When you can't even promise to forget mii

How am I supposed to move on****!8****
When your scent still lingers on my skin

How am I supposed to "see other people"
When I am just beginning to see you

How am I supposed to dream again*!*8***
When you are still the man of my dreams

How am I supposed to plan forever
When forever doesn't include you

How am I supposed to love again***** ****
When I haven't even fallen in love with you


Vixen said...

Are you whipped?

Kafo said...

go to bed MERCY it's three o clock your time
whipped ko cream ni

Sparkle said...

I hope I'm not off topic...here's one

Another day had pass,
my feelings are still the same.
It has been a while,
since I've said your sweet name.

Why is it like this?
What did I do wrong?
When will these feelings end?
I've waited far too long.

My thoughts are fading,
the answers I can't find.
Oh! how can I get,
you out of my mind?

The words are running out,
there's nothing else to do.
But to wait and to hope,
that I'll get over you.

Can my heart move on,
without another tear?
Will my emotions heal,
if you come near.

If these feelings die,
as it flows to the stream.
Will I ever wake up,
from this endless dream?

nice post

Kafo said...

WOW girl
i especially like the 2nd, 3rd and last verses

hat's off girl

disgodkidd said...

i tagged u. check my blog for details

Noni Moss said...

Hmmm this is a bit of a contradiction in terms which wouldn't be true for a "logical person".

A lot of the lines are almost in direct contradiction to the other and why would any of it matter if you weren't in love? If the last line read "when I've just fallen in love with you" then I'd understand why it's disjointed and why its the woes of a logical person cos logic flies out of the window when Love comes into the picture.

I like the 2nd one though ;-)

Noni Moss said...

btw - totally loving the layout of your blog - the upside landscapes are ... very interesting. :-D

Would you mind terribly if i ripped the code for your poll and the music? I've been looking for something similar and yours is the best I've seen so far.

Kafo said...

@ noni:
that is what makes it a woe of a logical person. It doesn't make sense, it doesn't add up.
The disjointedness is not only in the words but also in the set up. That's why one thought starts on one side and another on the alternate side.

You hit the nail on the head with the whole love thing. You realize you have to get over this person and move on but u are like WAIT i never did FALL for u. It doesn't make sense.

if one acknowledges that they have just falling in love with a person then the preceding five sections make sense but it is not supposed to.

that is what makes it a problem to a logical person.

but yeah u hit the nail on the head but from another angle

about the poll and music NO PROBLEMO

Soul said...

This is my fav one.
It's short and to the point.
It's like a running dicothomy..

It reads like...
how can I see past you when I'm just beginning to see.
like a blind person just regainning their site and your face finally coming into focus.

Like a child being asked to love another woman as a mother.
Like I'm just learning what relationships are about, I'm just learning how to shed my inhibitions with you. I'm not there yet, but with you I had started the process... how do I do it without you?

Like doesn't this guy realise that I want him, I want him to be that guy, I want him to be the one that I get free with. I want him to be the best experience, the patient one, the one who gets me out of my shell?.
It might not last forever, but i want to make better memories with him, I don't want to lose myself but I want to loose myself.
I'm sure but unsure.
How am I supposed to start this process over again, when I was building up to get there with you?

You are the essence of what I told myself I want, you embody that which I should fall in love with, you are what I told myself, the thin/type that I would fall in love with.
And since I haven;t fallen in love with you, I figured it's a matter of time, so how can I fall in love with someone else, when I didn't fall in love with you?..

That's how I read it... brilliant Kafo... brilliant!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm... what is Kafo going thru eh?..

i like it... didnt quite get the last part about the being in love...

anyways have a great week ahead!

Jaycee said...


"How am I supposed to dream again, when u are still the man of my dreams"

"How am I supposed to love again, when I haven't even fallen in love with you..."

Hmmm...Kafo and her deep contrasting poetry...(in-te-resting)...

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

kafo you lost me in this one, this was very deep, but you left me asking questions in the end. Infact by the end, I was wondering if what I felt through the naration was true. WOW.

Miss Opeke said...

I am sooo loving this line also...

"How am I supposed to love again, when I haven't even fallen in love with you..."

I wonder when this search will be over...

Nice Poem...

classybabe said...

"How am I supposed to love again***** ****
When I haven't even fallen in love with you"...This last line just reminds me so much of my ex,when people ask me if i loved him and i say No,they are left wondering why i cldn't let go easily.love is so complicated

mack said...

preach me baby... please do preach--mist you

IJEOMA said...

c'est que ce?

Kafo said...

@ ijeoma : omo mii i no sabi speak French ooo. After 6 years all i fit say na my name.

@ mack: r u back

@ soul: hmmmm. I'm officially scared of u!!!

@ Jaycee: it's called confusion

@ the Life: yep. I still have questions myself. so yeah if u figure it out, let mii know.

@ Ms. Opeke: i can't decide if i like the first verse or the last.

@ Diamond Hawk: there is always a story

@ classybabe: I can't attest to it's complicatedness cuz i don't claim to know it. LOL


very nice...