Torn by love
the cords created by love

How can it be
When will it be
How does it happen
When does it happen

We were one for a while
Hearts beating in sync
I felt your every move
You were a part of mii
The day I gave you life
I also birthed unhatched agony

Over the years, I've watched you grow
Teaching you everything I know
Each lesson strengthened your wings
Each warning illuminated your path
Each rite of passage was a mountain
scaled on this journey away from mii

Bolstering your courage
Widening the chasm
Weakening our bond
Stretching the cord

and now it's broken,
this cord created
by love is now torn by love

Yesterday I went to a friend's wedding and the undercurrents were swift.
The tension could cut through titanium metal without making a sound.
So many words unspoken, demands ignored, prayers unanswered,
So yeah, watching the mother of the bride these words came.
They don't encapsulate all of the emotions,
but instead give voice to one.

You name it.


Jaycee said...

I pray the mother of the bride was truly happy that her daughter had found love...

I hope that is the story...

Jaycee said...

I was number 1...ooohhh...supercalifragilistic! Lolll..

Noni Moss said...

Hmmm - The ties that bind. Or Love Links or Broken Chains?

Loll - i'm useless tonight sorry - but interesting piece. I got the sense that though she's happy her child is getting married, she's also sad cos she feels she's losing her daughter - or she's all grown up now. Very poignant.

Anonymous said...

Well, mother should be happy that her daughter has found love. It is and should be the pride of many mothers ...

KM said...

poor thing... maybe she *should* be happy and she probably is. but it's rough when an intimate relationship has to shift course. the boat rocks and people get wet. "truly happy" for someone else's gain/growth/joy doesn't preclude grief about one's own loss/changing role/need to step aside...

Betty said...

damn!..that's just a lovely poem!!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I actually feel for the motyhers more, as in even though they are glad to see their children settled, they can't help but feel loss. I pray the mum in question will continue to have peace that her daughter has found one who would love her too.. I hope thats the point of the poem.. you are too good..

Olamild said...

I write poetry and I definitely know what the mother is trying to say. Do not get the wrong message all. she's very happy for her daughter but it's hard to say goodbye to many things- mum and daughter shopping, getting facials together, both ladies picking on daddy.

What she's trying to say is

I hate to see you go
but I know you have your life to live.
Even though we'll not be
together as much as before
I'll always be right here for you.

IJEOMA said...

i hope the mother comes around..

Kip said...

The sad angry truth in this is an ignorant world

Ugo Daniels said...

hmmmmmmmmmm.cool, very cool, me likes! :)

Confused Naija Girl said...

very well written!
she is torn btw being happy with her daughter and unhappy she is losing her daughter.

Atutupoyoyo said...

I like this piece. The etertnal challenge of the parent is knowing when to let go.

Clever analogy of the umbilical or maternal cord with the ties that bind.

Kafo said...

@ jaycee u think it is a bit coincidental that we both were 1st on each other's blog?

@ olamild: well said

@ noni moss: that was my problem i couldn't think of anything either i was thinking maybe Wedding Memoirs: A mother's view but that was too wordy

@ kip: expound, i'm not sure i get u hmmm.......

@ atutupoyoyo: u're the first to mention the whole umbilical cord thing. hmmmmm......

Oracle said...

love is doing a lot of things to a lot of people.