Solutions to Woes of a Logical Person: III

How am I supposed to get over you
When you can't even promise to forget mii
I will get in a train wreck and force myself to
suffer permanent loss of my short term memory

How am I supposed to move on
When your scent still lingers on my skin
I will learn to swim and remain in the pool
until my skin begins to smell of chlorine

How am I supposed to "see other people"
When I am just beginning to see you
I will switch to contacts and begin
to have contact with millions

How am I supposed to dream again
When you are still the man of my dreams
I will have many unresolved issues right before
I go to bed and will spend my dreams solving them

How am I supposed to plan forever
When it doesn't include you
Planning forever is ludricous it hasn't worked yet
so stop thinking and planning MERCY!

How am I supposed to love again
When I haven't even fallen in love with you
Hmmmmm this is a tough one
I'll have to get back to you


Vixen said...

i like this one better

Noni Moss said...

Yeah I prefer this - it has a quirky sarky feel to it.