Things out of proportion

I got disillusioned.
My passion for politics disappeared,
It seems like after the rage that defined May came the resignation of June.
I think
It has something to do with the fantasy of democracy being presented, or maybe
It has something to do with the masquerade called the Supreme Court, or maybe
It has to do with elected leaders that act like they are high on pot, i'm thinking
It has to do with greedy pimps raping my continent in the name of development

hmmm, na bump that
I'm just blowing this out of proportion

but then again,

I did get disillusioned and
there has to be a reason so

I'm convinced
It has something to do with
Commuting jail sentences,
Broken promises and borders,
30 second ads that cost millions,
Politicians that spout yet never act,
Imaginery weapons of mass destruction,
Hours spent on glamourized jail sprung belles,
While mere minutes are spent on fallen soldiers

maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion a lil'

But words are being distorted
and I can't get past it

I'm convinced that
It has something to do with
Genocide being defined as acts of genocide,
Coercion defined as economic sanctions,
Civil war defined as acts of insurgency,
Starvation defined as population control,
Cronyism defined as restructuring,
Imperalism defined as loans,
recommended by the IMF to the Paris Club (who else?)

Breathe in
Breathe out
nah, I'm just blowing things out of proportion

but then again I open my eyes

put on my glasses and

I'm convinced that
Greediness is being portrayed as capitalism,
Reparations as handouts,
Drugs as prescriptions,
Slavery as cheap labor,
Immigrants as aliens,
Nepotism as qualified candidates,
Inflation as economic irregularities,
Segregation as Affirmative Action already achieved,


this isn't real
i'm just blowing things out of proportion


disgodkidd said...

please!!! let me your publisher. your writing is so good!

...toyintomato said...

girl..this your passion for all things politics is deep!!, i am takin off my gele for you.
great writin,
nice blogg

IJEOMA said...

excellent post

As a political science major... let me say that I too was disillusioned long ago.. But it is my passion to make things better in my own little way that keeps me grounded..

hope you find your way back

Atutupoyoyo said...

Political. Emotive. Creative. I think I might be in love.

uknaija said...

Good to see you taking an interest in politics..don't be disillusioned. It matters

Soul said...

Kafo. This like the rest of your work is brilliant.
Could I possibly request an authographed copy? I'd like to frame this on my wall and have everyone who steps through my house read it.
Or better yet, I'd buy a collection of your poetry. Ever thought about getting your words published?

JJ said...

Nice words...i like your writing! And no you're not just blowing it out of proportion.

Vickii said...

Hun, this is an amazing post, very well thought out and you obviously know a lot about politics which is so admirable!

I believe democracy is a farce and I refuse to vote because the best reason given to me for voting is that it prevents people (extremists) even worse than those already in power from coming into power. And as far as I'm concerned, nobody who ever truly wanted to make the world a better place went into politics.... okay, I need to stop ranting but I loved this post.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Kafo, three words, you've got mad skills. Ok so its four. Try and get this published, people out there apart from bloggers need to get to know your work. Ciao.

Atutupoyoyo said...

Kafo as everyone has said, this piece in particular is deserving of a wider audience.

I have no interest in being your publisher........but I would gladly be your agent :-)

Kafo said...

@ disgodkidd: se as my publisher u go give mii total artistic control???

@ toyintomato: thanks

@ijeoma: ur a Polisci PELE

@Soul: girl shooo that's what i thought when i read your saxophone bit. well as long as u don't auction it off on ebay to some neo con then WHY NOT. LOL

@vickii: hmmm u don't vote hmmmm i dunno if that is good or bad.

@atutupoyoyo: I like that AGENT so you can take 20% of my earnings. trust a naija man to try and reap where he did not sow. LOL

@life of a stranger: I hope all is well. You've been AWOL for a while.

THANKS Y'ALL. This one was born of frustration and resignation.