Mercy Came Running

God's mercy is constant, never changes and is chasing after us.

Jacob ran in circles*
Elijah ran to the mountain*
Sarah ran out of hope*
Moses ran from justice*
But Mercy came a running

Tamar ran after her father-in-law
Daniel ran to the lion's paw
Paul ran the Christians out of town
Martha ran Mary's esteeem down
But Mercy came a running

Rahab ran a brothel*
Noah ran to his bottle
Adam ran from God
Aaron ran to make gods
But Mercy came a running

Lot ran with the wrong crowd*
Jonah ran away from the crowd
Joseph ran from his brothers
James ran to his mother
But Mercy came a running

Samson ran to the wrong woman*
Solomon ran after too many women
David ran from the sheep
Amos ran after the sheep
But Mercy came a running

Samaritan lady ran to husbands
Abigail ran from her husband
Zaccheus ran up a tree
Mephibosheth ran on his knees
But Mercy came a running

Peter ran from questions
Philip ran to questions
Thomas ran to view visual proof
Nicodemus ran from the truth
But Mercy came a running

Will you stop running???

* denotes phrases from Max Lucado's "Facing the Giant"


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Gosh I really love this, kafo this is very inspiring and reminds us that even though we make others mistakes, we have an opportunity to choose to stop running. Timely piece I think.

Vixen said...

Beersheba...or was it Bethsheba? That's Uriah's wifey.

Kafo said...

hmmmm r u sayin i should replace abigail with bethsheba

but abigal did run away from Nabal
remember "ur story hour"


dolly said...

Beautifully written

disgodkidd said...

mercy is a beautiful thing.

Jaycee said...

Oooooooooohhhh...I just LOVEDDDD the way this poem came forth. No matter where I run to (or how FAR), I love the fact that God's mercy comes running towards me!

Thanks Kafo...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

kafo kafo kafo... i love love love love love this... submit it for the Naija Bloggers book thingy...

Anonymous said...

God is good and hsi mercies endures forever. if not for his mercy, Jesus would not have dies and I am glad i have Jesus!!

chidi said...

nice....@ vixen- its Bethsheba

Sparkle said...

WOW...I think u're my newest source of inspiration...I'm adding u to my list