Sedoka: I WISH

If Sun never set
We would watch it forever
We could talk ‘till the sunset

If we never met
I would embrace it's limits
I could enjoy the sunset



Sedoka: A Japanese poetry style.

I kept on thinking that it didn't fully mirror my emotions
so I made it a true Sedoka and added the second verse
on June 22nd, yeah yeah five days too late I KNOW


disgodkidd said...

my japanese begins and ends with u r multi-talented girlfriend. lessons?

azuka said...

Phew! And I thought the only Japanese poetry was haiku. Guess I was wrong...

Kafo said...

lol at both of u

actually there are a bunch of different styles like Tanka, Senryu but Haiku is the most popular.

most of them are based off of syllabus

i likt them cuz it forces the poet to be concise and precise and descriptive all at once

IJEOMA said...


didnt know that sha.. thanks for the lessons

BlogVille Idols said...

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Anonymous said...

whats the difference between the sedoka and the haiku? cos i remember reading one or two of those in english class in naija

Anonymous said...

okkkkkkkk .... am lost. Dnt know a hint of wat ya'll are taking about, lol

BlogVille Idols said...

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Kafo said...

@ overwhelmed: haiku is the most common and has loose rules basically it can't exceed 17 syllables in total but the most common form has only 7 and is unrhymed.there is also a pause that is supposed to be included but that just makes it harder for mii.

Sedoka has 6 lines 5-7-7 5-7-7 that is the syllables in each line. It also is unrhymed

DiAmOnD hawk said...

oh yeah..., im with azuka... i thot it was only Haiku... you learn somn new each day...