6 Degrees of Seperation

I'm supposed to be in bed but I can't shake this feeling
I'm working on three hours of sleep and really miss my pillow
This is a remix of some scribbling that I don't particularly like

This one is tough ** * ** * * * * * This one is hard,
Difficult to accept ** * ** * * * * * But it is what it is


There is a reason why people are told to be cautious
There is a reason why people are advised to think twice
There is a reason

It seems to me that if you ignore such counsel you dig a hole
Not with a spoon or spade but a shovel
Each wrong decision moves you further away from your destiny
Each wrong choice today creates an obstacle that must be scaled tomorrow

When will people learn that life is not a moment but a series of moment
When will people learn that life is not a move but the entire game of chess
When will people learn

Here are the facts, life is a cold hard mistress
The ills that we perpetrate today MUST be paid tomorrow
She will NOT pardon or forget our mistakes
She is not God, but Life

There is a reason why we were warned about promiscuity
There is a reason why we were told to think before we act
There is a reason

Our childish ignorance
Our teenage delinquencies
Our youthful recklessness
Now haunts our future

When will people learn that life is not a cell but an entire matrix of cells
When will people learn that life is not a silken line but the spider's web
When will people learn

Those six degrees of seperation that join us all
Restrain and also bind us,
Constricting the flow of life,
I mean mistakes thru' us

We are all related in one way or another
This might not be fair
but this is Life


Poetic Justice said...

I wish some people would maintain that degree, that seperation. I wish I could keep tha distane that pulls me to those people and keeps me from keeping the demons out of my world. Holding the door, I try, struggle to keep the evil at bay, but as always whatever seperates binds and as such the chain that holds the door shut, pulls the entities closer until, six degrees become none.

Kafo said...

awwww ur back

i was wondering how long it would take u 2 transition.

hmmmm. pele. ur pain is understandable

mercy IT IS NOT EVIL ooooooooooo
just insecure, depraved and damaged people hiding behind carefully crafted walls.

KM said...

"Not a moment but a series... not a move but the entire game of chess." Wicked.

Thing is, you're not playing the game of chess by yourself & yours is not the only car on the road. My mother used to say that a good driver drives not just for herself but also for the idiot in front and the jackass behind. Ok... so she didn't use those exact words, but that was still the point, lol.

And my point is that there is only so much defensive driving one can do before one either kicks into reverse or just stops leaving the parking lot. You can just about if at all manage what *you* have to do, but there's no way you can also predict what others will do based on what you have to do, and how you will then respond to their response...

The trick, I think, is to be able to perceive the spider's web without getting dazzled by its complexity. Jesus, after all, told us to pray for daily bread, and the daily is all he promised. Zeen?

Daydah said...

People usually think that they can get away with so many things. And then they grow up (mature intellectually), eventually and find that their past still comes back to hunt them.
Putting on airs, crushing other people's dreams, breaking hearts...the list goes on.

Soon we all realize..
Soon they will, Kafo, soon...
We are only lucky that we didn't have to learn by experience, that hard - hearted teacher.

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Anonymous said...

This is so so so so so true especially the first few paragraghs in the beginning. Gosh! this post deserves a novel prize. These days, people take things very lighty.... they do not know that everything has a repercussion and every action, a corressponding reaction. We gotta make choices wisely and think things through before we throw caution and advice/instruction to the wind. Instruction is very important. There are a set of rules to go buy which you cannot make or break.... but it will eventually lead you to the expected and desired/ fulfilled end.

IJEOMA said...

i agree that they are 6 degrees of seperation....but i wonder that life is as uncomprimising as your post makes it..

BlogVille Idols said...


Oracle said...

This is philosophical

Noni Moss said...

I realise now that I may not actually have left a comment but you should know that I read your blog regularly. This actually inspired me to write my version of the seperation thing.