Woes of a Logical Person: II

I pass you by
and then I sigh
I can’t seem to be seen
I want, I need to believe
That you still feel something

You pass mii and then you sigh
I think that you disapprove
I follow your every move
I want, I need to believe
That you feel anything

This is harder than I thought
I think on how to act
So I contemplate and strategize
and so I never act

I’m waiting for you to act
I think on how to act
Your silence makes mii think
and so I never act

In vain we wait

I am you
and You
are mii


ijeoma obu iheoma said...

sometimes we place too much burden on ourselves.. with thought..

Sparkle said...


Jaycee said...

hmmm...deep. Two people so intertwined that two thoughts become one thought, so if one person is waiting for a reaction, it will be a complete waste of time?

See, I'm trying to dissect the analogy here...lol. Love it!

nameless.poetical. said...

Two mismatched hearts trying to mix, But bleeding in the effort,
Rubbing off already torn edges Against each other,
Straining against the fastened bonds
But leaving stretch marks in its wake...

i swear i have no idea why i just wrote that...your post put the image in my mind...

sorry bout the poetical graffiti tho...

9ja Opeke said...

I am awestruck by this poem…I enjoyed reading it...remember it does not have to go our way everytime because there is a reason but it will get better…

Kafo said...

@ ijeoma: so true

@ jaycee: ha! yeah basically. try and imagine two ppl. that think alike being in a relationship. So yeah, each waiting for absolutely nothing because the other person is also waiting. beatifully screwed up.

@nameless.poetical: hmmmm, now u have mii thinking. i mean mismatched??
could it be that what draws them towards each other is also what leaves the scars?

@9ja opeke: amen

mack said...

reason says--

you are me, and I am you.

Kafo said...


mack said...

'reason says--'= my mind tells me..

'you are me and I am you'= We think very much alike.

Simply Gorgeous said...

absolutely deep....

Kafo said...

@ MACK: hmmmm i hear u.

KM said...

Yes, kafo. You said it.

KM said...

LOL -- Kafo: looks like we were reading each other's blogs at the same time tonight. :-) Who's the psychic -- me or you?

Jem said...

seems like 2 people who are trying to make it work but it still is not working ....

Surviving with Truth said...


Kafo said...

@ Jem: ouch Take am easy ooo

na wa ooooo!