Story behind the Words: Guilt vs. Mercy

Do you ever feel like you deserve to die?
Do you ever feel like sin is your middle name?
Do you ever feel like saints were created to taunt you
Do you ever feel like heaven was imagined to haunt your nightmares?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are in good company.

Here's the story
I was scheduled to speak in church two weeks ago and the idea terrified mii. I've spoken in a couple of churches over the course of the last year,

  • So
    I should have relished the opportunity and made it my finest hour,
    I should have spent the week emersed in the Word,
    I should have spent countless hours scouring thru' concordances to fully understand the root meaning of a word,
    I should have spent the week on my knees praying,
    I should have spent the week memorizing portions of the sermon,

but i couldn't
I spent the week trying to get out of the assignment.
I really thought that God was going to send lightning to strike mii dead at the pulpit.
Trying to find a perfect excuse as to why my preaching skills are ill suited for the current climate in the church is tedious work. I tried and tried and tried.

Needless to say I couldn't convince my pastor, so on Wednesday, feeling frustrated I skipped prayer meeting and decided to chill at home (i mean, WORK on my SERMON).
I get on my computer, open up iTunes, and I am determined to drown my guilt and fears with some music when this sermon by my boy (Pastor Dwight K. Nelson) dropped into my lap. (more like podcast-downloaded into my face).

You see, I had spent the previous week avoiding God and the church because of this sin that I had committed. I was blinded by my guilt to the point that every prayer I said started and ended with a plea for mercy. I really think that when it comes to sin Paul would give up his high chair and pray for mii. I mean even David with his wife-stealing, husband-killing ways can't compare to mii.

His sermon uses the genealogy of Christ to explain how there is mercy for everyone regardless of past history or sins. It was just what I needed to hear and so I spent the next two days listening to it over and over again on my shuffle.
Here's the short of it

God is soo merciful that he allows messed up people in his family tree. Matthew includes these names not because they are all important in recounting the genealogy of Jesus but because of the mercy. Women are normally not included in family tree's but Matthew added 5 women and 1 Gentile, all in the first chapter of his book. There are actually two trees in this chapter and because of the second tree we can all be included in Jesus' family tree.


Mercy for the unloved: Tamar
Mercy for the pagan: Rahab
Mercy for the excluded: Ruth
Mercy for the fallen:David & Uriah's wife
(do u wonder y her name isn't mentioned???)
Mercy for the faithful: Uriah
Mercy for the obedient: Mary
Mercy for the sinner: Manasseh and mii

I am soo botching this up. Mercy Came a Running: When Mercy Grew on Trees that was the title and if you have issues with guilt I suggest you download it using iTunes (IT'S FREE)


I am turning in my Nike's and surrendering to His mercy.