Happy Birthday to mii

Happy Birthday to mii,

I was going to write and go into this whole introspective mode but …
I was going to throw a party and invite a bunch of friends over but …
I was going to sleep the day away and drown out all my sorrow but …
I was going to scream until my loud voice became a mere whisper but …
I was going to cry all my tears so that this year will be full of joy but …
I was going to dance and move with the beat until we became one but …
I was going to sing
I was going to laugh
I was going to love
I was going to eat

Then I remembered that the day hadn’t yet begun
And technically I’m still in my mother’s womb



Happy birthday to mii,

For I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Shaped in my mother’s womb
Thought of before the world began
Conceived in sin but born in grace

Every step ordered
Every bone crafted
Every thought considered
Every hair numbered

I am His child
A joint heir with His Son
I am His child
A joint heir with my Saviour

So I will live
I will dance
I will sing
I will hope

Yes, I will hope


disgodkidd said...

Happy Birthday K. In this new year, may your tallest dreams become your Success Story. God bless you.

KM said...

Happy Birthday, Kafo! :-)

Am celebrating and hoping with you.


mack said...

HBD babe-- in retro.

Miss you. ;)

azuka said...

Please forgive me for just coming along now.

A happy birthday to you!

chidi said...

happy birthday!!!!!

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

happy belated b-day girl..
best wishes..
may you have so many more


HAPPY B-DAY! aLL BE IT BELATED. Thank you for visiting my blog and posting a comment. I stopped by your other blog and am glad to see another political junky like mmyself. Will definitely be stopping by often. Make sure you do the same!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday angel.. iwish you every good thing you wish yourself cos you deserve the best.. have a great week luv

Noni Moss said...

Was it your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Apologies for the lateness. Hope you had a great time!

9ja Opeke said...

Happy Belated birthday...KAFO

It seems that most of the bloggers were born in May...Or am I just imagining things?

"May your hours of reminiscence be filled with days of good cheer and weeks of Pleasant memories."

Anonymous said...

Lovely ... happy belated birthday.

Kafo said...

thanks a lot
i am OLD NOW

Omodudu said...

Happy belated birthday, how did i miss this.

Daydah said...

I recall your singing "Happy Birthday to Me" on the phone that day, the minute my call got through. You are one crazy babe!
And you are OLD! As far as I am concerned o!
Time to start planning ahead o!