Like a screeching parakeet, demanding to be recognized
They grate my nerves
With never ending chatter


Like titanium bullets, discharged at light speed
They pierce my soul
Doing damage irrespective of my defenses


Like a cheetah, stalking its prey in the wild
They hound me
Never satisfied until fresh blood is drawn


Like Sahara, encroaching Savannah
They drain my strength
Thirst slaked at the expense of my sanity


Like radioactive waste, dumped on fertile ground
They corrode my thoughts
Preventing life from springing anew


Like a buffalo stampede, moving as one
They crush my dreams
Obliterating anything in its path

They exist
To create our destiny
To remind us that we are human

We become and are a product of our Choices

I hate choices.
I'm the person who goes to McDs and can't decide on what she wants.
I'm the person who goes to Macy's, shops and then spends the next week going back to the store to exchange or return everything she got.

I'm the person who has spent 2 years researching digital cameras and has YET to buy one.
I could tell you about the 3-year search for black pumps but i think u get the gen. idea.
I do well with ultimatums and one-way streets.
I adapt that is what I do.

Drop mii on Venus, and within a week I'll show you how to make pancakes from venusweed.
Presented with options, my brain goes into overdrive.
Maybe it's the lefty thing.
I either freak out or spend an inordinate amount of time reaching the same conclusion that I started out with.
I hate choices.
So yeah, now I am basically screwed, because my one-lane street has become the I-10 into Los Angeles.



priya said...


Vixen said...

Just go with your gut, it's not that hard....focus and follow your instincts. You really do make choices all the time, from what major/college to attend, what to eat for dinner etc. You are really good at decisions, what's the freak out about? Call me and we'll hash it out.

Love ya.

Simply Gorgeous said...

You are very funny...I get your drift though. We are a product of the choces we make. My motto is try not to make choices that will be so detrimental to your happiness. I love it. I will be back...

mack said...

You write best when your blue. You're sexiest when your're mad
We're the best match, me and you
I just blushed like I never had.

azuka said...

Sweet, Kafo.

disgodkidd said...

beautiful, as always, i think i dig your emotion here. kinda similar. could the reason we hesistate at making choices be because we want to make the perfect choice? we hate the idea of realizing that we made a wrong choice, so we tussle the options over and over and over. like presently, av been dealing with whether to call a time out on working in the ministry and go into the "real" IT world. but if i do that willi still be in Gods perfect will? and if i stay will i still be able to catch up with new IT trends? and if i go will i have given up the best that God has for me? and if i stay will i have missed out on Gods plan to reach out to the world? and if...get it?

LOVEWORLD is my ministrys cable TV station. check them out.

concerning the hairstyle thing, i beg to disagree, k. bcos everyone points at it, we should bother? what if God said it was ok? since when did popular opinion tally with Gods opinion? since when did the public become our determining factor as christians? i dont think controversial = wrong.

9ja Opeke said...

It is nice to know I have a partner in crime...I hate having to make decisions...I wish I can pay someone to make them for me. One though, we may be slow but we do make the best decisions even if it has to take thy kingdom come to make it...

KM said...

"Slaked" -- that was decent still.

I know you don't choose foolishness... so the scenic route to wisdom is part of what makes and keeps you cool. I say embrace it too.

Kafo said...

@ mack: where r u???

@ azuka: sweet shooo i was
straddling despondency and rage.

@ disgodkidd: i'll check it out and get back to u on the whole HAIR thing. u r so right, being obsesseed with making the right decision all the time makes the whole process more tedious

@9ja opeke: someone who feels my pain. thanks

@km: "so the scenic route to wisdom" i think i like that

Poetic Justice said...

Whatever choices you make, you have to live with it. So think first then act because only "free spirits" can be free when thier mind channels thier actions. If not you are trapped and enslaved by your own decisions and regrets! So truly freedom isn't really free. And honestly the right choices are always the best... hit that bench mark gurl! See you soon!

diary of a G said...

love it

Kafo said...

@ Poetic: u have manage to confuse mii oooo. Mercy what r u trying to say.

Anonymous said...

ok seriously we have to meet, lol. i didnt think there was anyone like me on that issue,ive been on the computer all day trying to choose which two dresses to buy, its the simple choices that disturb me. i think its thinking that there might be a greater consequence or meaning. lol, im looking for 7 things people dont know about me and i think i just found my second.