Public Display of Affection: A walk in the park

Your lips caress my neck as you speak.
Tantalizing thoughts race thru’ my mind
and shivers down my spine.
You whisper in my ear,
sweet nothings that mean everything.

I touch you,
You touch mii,
not pawing or in a sick puppy love manner.
No, your touch is soft and subtle,
like your trying to memorize each curve.

Oblivious to the stares
that chronicle each movement with envy.
Unaware of time
As it ticks away and crystallizes our union.

I move
You move
Unconsciously we move as one
drawing closer with each step.


DiAmOnD hawk said...

i like this... the whole thing feels like a soft caress... a whisper

priya said...

Its so soft and romantic girl:)

Vixen said...

You've been nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award. Details are on the Bad Girls Guide. Smooches!

Poetic Justice said...

Wow! I love it!
And to think: has this ever happened to you?

Vixen said...

Are you guys ever going to kiss>??? Na Wa O!

chidi said...


9ja Opeke said...

Hmmm!...It makes me wanna fall in love again and again...
Thanks for coming by...

Noni Moss said...

Lolll - as one of those who looks on in envy, then yeah - i salute you! Nice one :-D

Kafo said...

i just read this poem again and i realized that each section addressed a different issue.

i love this one.

Kafo said...

@ noni yeah i wrote it and thought, hmmm yeah, this category is normally my home.

@vixen SLOW DOWN, after the kiss it just goes down hill right?