Fusion was a blast
I wish I could have teleported all of you there so that you could witness a miracle. I was a nervous wreck the whole day. I was busy the whole day involved in this seminar at church, which was a blessing in disguise, because it took my mind off of the whole Fusion event.
God is good.
Sometimes I forget and need reminding.
At the end people didn’t want to leave and started singing a bunch of songs just to keep it going. The atmosphere was positive and even tho’ there were some songs that people didn’t know they still were involved.
The skits were my biggest worry b’cuz the first practice occurred 30 min. before the show but everyone performed their part without a hitch.
God is good.
My church family is wonderful and that is putting it lightly, we had all been in church all day and were tired because of the seminar, like seriously we left church around 5:30 pm yet they were all their at 7, old and young. Not only were they there in person, they were also their in spirit. I mean there is this Elder who hugged mii at the exact moment I needed it, he has NEVER hugged mii before, he is like mii, no touchy feely stuff.

The theme of unity was maintained thru out the program and later people were asking when the next one was going to be and stuff like that.

So thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.

Right now I thinking Psalm 73, God is good, good to the good hearted, good to good people but i nearly missed it missed seeing his goodness, i was lookiing the other way, looking up the people at the top...



disgodkidd said...

i been waiting for this and i rejoice with you. congrats girlfriend.

KM said...

So, so glad. Thanks for the update!

KM said...

By the way, Kafo... where's your homework? LOL...
I see big sis has now tagged you as well -- so just do it once & I'll link to that post too.


Soul said...

Nice one!.

LikeI keep saying, people keep trying to complicate God or mystify it... in order that they might put themselves forward as the only one's who can interpret it.

You did what you had to do to praise God in your own way....
Can't see anything wrong with that :D
Be Well

Kafo said...

thanks people.

@ KM: ummm umm this is why i dropped out of college. i'll do it this week. promise :)