Untitled:- Part I

Daily u grow
Raping my soul
Rejoicing in my agony

Embracing hate
Renouncing love
Accepting despair
Relinquishing hope

Feasting on sorrow
Thriving on injustice
Feeding on life’s anguish
Floating on perceived grievances
Slaking your thirst at my fountain of misery

Supported by failures
Nourished by the cycle
Cultivated by fake inadequacies
Sustained by today’s disappointments
Fostered by a system striving to define mii
Persuaded by the laws designed to confine mii

Suppressing joy
Stifling all laughter
Stretching trivialities
Smothering all the tears
Stressing suicidal thoughts
Straining the drops of delight
Substituting reality with fantasy
Seducing slowly the heart and mind
Sustaining the lies that tear my soul apart
Sapping the remaining strength from my core

Who are you?
What is your name?
Where did you come from?

I should
I should chase you out
I should chase you out and banish you
I should chase you out and banish you from my being

I should chase you out and banish you from my being.

Copyright ©2007 Kafo


Jaycee said...


Awww Kafo, u're so talented. See the way you constructed the poem to look like a TREE that had grown to its current height. Yet, at the base of the tree is a foundation that needs to be broken out and re--built ( I should chase you out and banish u from my being )

Beautiful...as usual.

Elle said...

hey Kafo, thanks for stopping by my blog.. much appericated. :)

Love the poem, it is the qunitessence of the human experience, I think.. :)

mack said...

um.. whoa!

You've gotta tell me who the culprit is... You know you've gotta.

I love the poem.

laspapi said...

Nice one, Kafo

Kafo said...

@ Jaycee i didn't realize the Tree part. I was initially just going for symmetry in each section and each part stood alone but now that you mention it I can see it.
Hmmmm thanks

@ Mack: what or who do u think it is?
I'm still trying to define it. Its tenancles are deep.

I mean i went to bed and then more lines came
Shutting down aspirations
Seeping into every pore
Spoiling that which hasn’t been born
Subduing willpower ...

and i had to control myself from getting up and booting up my laptop and writing some more

ICE said...

FEAR is your answer (To be continued...)

Poetic Justice said...

Loved IT!
As always your depth amazes me!

Vixen said...

So many blog posts, so little time. Beautiful job lil genius.

disgodkidd said...

last night i read all your posts that i had saved on my system, and i am so loving your write. this is now one of my daily reads, my internet access permitting...God bless

Naijadude said...

Even though I dont do good with poems, you are just wonderful! Nice one there, Kafo!

Have a greak week

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh... i have no words.. cos you have them all... beautiful