Untitled:- Part 2

Stealing blessings
Subduing willpower
Silencing testimonies
Seeping into every pore
Shutting down aspirations
Spoiling that which hasn’t been born

Who are you?
You are a part of mii
The part that shelters me from impending doom
You made mii strong and guided mii thru' the storm
You made mii think I was strong and guided mii to the storm

I should let you out but you cling to my being
I need to banish you but to do that I will have to kill a part of mii
In order to banish you I must die
In order to banish you I must die to self
Am I brave enough to watch mii die?

Look, I should just call you by your real name
End this fantasy, set the record straight
But you are imbedded deep in my psyche
If I let you go will I still be mii
Or will I be empty?

Duping, Deterring
Deceiving, Destroying, Demanding
Tenacious bastard get the funk out of my life

You are a master of disguise

You came to mii in broad daylight
Dressed as Logic, you had mii fooled
Logic is my partner in crime
We discuss every minute detail
I can’t make a decision without him
I thought you were him and that we were friends
I thought we could sit down have a rational discussion
But I was mistaken, I underestimated you

You came to mii in the middle of the night
Masquerading as Anger, you had mii fooled
Anger and I are well acquainted
You see, we once were roommates
I wore her clothes and she ran my errands
I thought you were her and this a familiar nightmare
I thought I could deal with you in the same manner
But I was mistaken, I underestimated you

You were
Masked by my excuses
Fueled by my emotions
Fed by my insecurities
Buried deep underneath the noise

But thank God
The noise is gone
I can finally hear and see
I now know who you really are

Your name is FEAR
and I am calling you out
out of my way
and out of my life

This will be hard, but it can be done.
This will be hard, and it must be done.


azuka said...

The 'Untitled' title had me chuckling.

Great stuff!

Vixen said...

Kafo...you are chillingly introspective. I'm shocked at this depth, I didn't even know you had this in you. Shows what I know.

mack said...

hmmm... *arms akimbo nodding*

Jem said...

I really liked your writing in this post.

You have no fear but light within ..... apply that faith pressure and you will subdue the unwanted. Wake up in the morning and begin to declare "there is no fear" and watch how it will respect ur declaration.

Poetic Justice said...

okay, whatever darkness is forcing you to the light, keep it coming...or should I say joblessness...

Loved it! Another standing ovation...

Jaycee said...

Your tree of inspiration again (I always love it when u do this)...

LOGIC, ANGER, & FEAR...yes, you (we) can do it...we can expunge these things out of our systems...

I once heard a sermon about "dying to self," it was so plausible I think I skipped a beat or two while I listened to wisdom on how to die to myself, and live 100% for God!

Kafo said...

@ azuka: ahhh u didn't know the dilemma it started out with an inappropriate title and then i was like when i finished it it would have a title. but by then i had released the first part and couldn't go back and edit that one

@vixen: who r u?

@mack: this one was 4 u

@Jem: i'm not sure about the whole speaking it but I'll try

@PJ: being jobless is temporary, my situation isn't

@Jaycee: dying to self. I put that phrase in there and then i realized the significance. It's a daily thing this whole dying to self

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Ive always thought you were great with words now I see you in a whole different light. It is well with us all In Jesus Name - Amen.