Predictable Phone calls

I was really going to finish with the previous post this week (i apologize for the delay Mack) but then I had to make a phone call today.
I hate phone calls, especially the ones I have to make.
The ones in which I know exactly what the person on the other line will say.
I hate predictable phone calls.
Calls to family members I can do,
Calls to long-forgotten friends I can manage,
Calls to people I don’t care about are the easiest ones to make, Mercy, I excel at them.

I know you are thinking why do you have to call when you know what the person will say?
I call because I am stupid.
Wow! Slow down girl, what do you mean you are stupid? I mean you are one of the smartest people I know.
Am I?
What do you call a person who keeps on getting the door repeatedly slammed in their face?
What do you call a person who keeps on talking when the audience has fallen asleep?
What do you call a person who keeps on reading the never-ending story?
Who keeps on -
Praying for heat in Siberia?
Filling a basket with water?
Singing to a deaf mute?
Cleaning a pig?

I really need to believe that smart people know when to stop. Being that I don’t know when to stop, I can’t be smart, and if I am not smart then I must be stupid.

Anyway back to the phone story.
The only thing worse than making the phone call is not making the phone call. 'Cuz then the only thing on my mind is
"R they gonna say what i think they will say or will it be different this time."
And as much as I love thinking about things, thinking about what another person is thinking just drives mii nuts.

Normally I don't have to make this phone call but recently in the last year or so I find myself constantly embraking on this fruitless mission. Y'all know how it ends.
“You were a good candidate but sorry we found someone whose skills are more suitable.”
“All our positions are filled at this point, but we will keep your resume on file.”
“Your qualifications are admirable, but regrettably we are looking for someone with less credentials. ”
“We are sorry that we are not able to accept you at this point, but we wish you luck as you continue to pursue your dreams.”
And the platitudes continue.

What makes a wise man act like a fool?

I'm beginning to hate you, Hope.


Vixen said...

Ouch! Sorry babycakes. I hope this wasn't about the school stuff.


Poetic Justice said...

Hope and I parted ways a long time ago. She denied me my wants for so long that by the time they came along I had no faith that they would stay. Loosing hope helps you realize when things do happen how fortunate they are and how easily they could go away...

Don't worry honey the doors that slam today will be begging for you to come through them tomorrow.

Love the way you write though. Made me cry!

Naijadude said...

Hun! I totally feel you, gives one the cringe, even the fear of trying again. But since your Redeemer live, just know there is something greater in the offing for you.
Just keep "Praising Him in the storm" easier said but I have been there, done that. Where the good Lord waits for you, you will be sweetie keep being strong, your God never sleeps
Isaiah 49:16 says "I have inscribed your name in the palms of my hand, your walls are continually before me" Your God never stumbles

Psalm 23:1 says "The Lord is my shepard, I shall not want"
Isaiah 40:31 says "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength"
Just let His promises stay in your heart forever sweetie!!

Have a blessed week...

ps: if you want that song I can send it to you, drop me ur email!!

Kafo said...

@ Vixen : nah it was this other gig. The day Junior finds out all this stuff she will vex so pls. don't mention it to her oooo. Call her tho.

@ PJ: Hope and U parted ways LOL. U cry when u read my stuff, I laugh when I read yours for real, at least this one. O don't tell Slime cuz she has stuff on her own plate. Call her ooo

@NaijaDude: Thankx for the verses esp. Isa 49, i've never heard that one be4.

Naija Vixen said...

uhhmmm...sorry oh...luvvn ur blog.

Kafo said...

@ vixen BABYCAKES mercy what is up with u, is this becuz u call him honey now u think u have to butter mii up. MERCY

BOA said...

Hi Kafo,
I loved the way you deployed suspense in this post - and then broke the egg in our faces ;-)

Very touching words... I hate to sound like another John C. Maxwell or sumfin, but, poetic justice is right. Keep knocking on those doors, and keep remembering that "it's not personal" cos I find that there is always that temptation to internalise rejection and think "why ME"... I submit my poems like crazy to magazines and journals, and I get rejections all the time... this week alone, I've almost lost count of how many I've got... but I keep submitting... and hoping for the unasssuming good news that will glint out of the haystack of NOs... and, looking back now, I'm slowly beginning to lose count of my accepted pieces as well...

Omo Alagbede
PS. If the doors keep slammin' shut, perhaps its time to build your own door, and watch the world struggle to get in AFTER you!

Nilla said...

Sorry Missy!
It will be well.

Thanx for stopping by my blog.

Jaycee said...

Lollllll @ the PHONE CALLS topic...geez, u must have thought really deep about why and why not to make ur phone call...

loll Kafo...

it is well

Lost Soul said...

@ boa: "If the doors keep slammin' shut, perhaps its time to build your own door, and watch the world struggle to get in AFTER you!"

Loved that peice of advice but it is always easier said than done.

azuka said...

Hope tends to be fickle, especially when you don't control the outcome :-(

Kafo said...

@ azuka can one ever control a situation that involves hope?

@ Jaycee woes of a logical person, i sometimes sit and contemplate reasons to pick u the phone when it rings.

mack said...

You defined persistence. Stupor is a very subjective term.

Nanya said...

wow, I can relate.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Kafo u have come again. next time someone calls me Ill try to make it as interesting as possible. Kai.

KM said...

This was a decent post still.

I can relate, though I apply your insight to a different context of my own.

But you... you are strong.