Woes of a Logical Person: I

I smile
He smiles

I speak
He speaks

I laugh
He laughs

I move
He moves

This dance
Between us


We both know
And yet we wait

We both feel
Yet never touch

Fantasy persists
But reality prevents

Reality prevails
So dreams recede

Diminishing slowing
into the recesses of the soul


Unworthy not by choice
But by chance

With nothing to offer
We linger and hope

The days pass us by
And yet we wait

Not for each other
But for life

For time to pass and
Make us worthy


Copyright ©2007 Kafo

I couldn't sleep
I love sleep
So I opened up Word last Thursday nite (in actuality Friday morning) and typed and backspaced and typed some more. So this is the result, this is my reaction after I had a logical and realistic discussion (STRAIGHT TALK) with a smart and nice person.


Olubusayo said...

I can't believe you are this good and you have been hiding this from me...it's in the genes


Anonymous said...

Fantasy persists
But reality prevents

Reality prevails
So dreams recede

You write beautifully... you inspire me... Logistics huh?

Jaycee said...


and you know the beautiful thing, these stream of words can be aligned to one meaning, yet it can mean several different things. There are so many things that fantasy can get, but when it boils down to reality, we gotta think smart!!!!

Kafo said...

yo olubusayo what amazes mii is that u are not even slightly curious.
therefore i must conclude that school is definitely kicking u butt

DiAmOnD hawk said...

very beautiful piece!!!

omo naija said...

nice piece but what is it about??!!

Vixen said...

So who was this person and why haven't I heard about him before...hmmm?>

Oh...cool poem, lol

Poetic Justice said...

Hey Kafo, i am curious but I figure you will spill when you are ready plus poetry is interpretive (can't spell for shit!)

supermandru said...

Very nice...

Olawunmi said...

you write so well. i loved this one. so simple, and yet so complex. so much feeling conveyed in these short sentences. i love

Naija Vixen said...

that was brilliant oh!guud one!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

well written piece - someone me thinks is in love.

mack said...

I love the piece.

Noni Moss said...

I love this - it is brilliant and oh soo true! Really really good - struck a chord.

Daydah said...

Beautiful poetry...
Its so sweet! I am loving it. And I am loving your confusion, cos its your head fighting with your heart. And I know who will win this time