Thoughts behind the Words

Do you ever get the feeling that even tho' u say u r Christian u don't feel like it?
Like even tho' you are subconsciously aware of the fact that Jesus loves u, u have to struggle and make a conscious effort to live the Christian life.
So yeah, this is my dilemma,
I speak the words,
I think the thoughts,
but my life really doesn't reflect those ideals.
I keep on thinking that my light should just magically reflect Christ in mii but it doesn't.

I mean does the Christian Righteous Religious Right really need to be so loud and obnoxious about God and Prayer and Abortion and Gay Rights?
I mean does the Apologetics movement really need to get into logical arguments with agnostics and atheists?
I mean do Christian Archaeologists really need to dig up the Dead Sea Scrolls and remnants of Noah’s ark to prove the veracity of the Bible?
I mean do I really need to hand out pamphlets to friends in order to witness?

So I’m thinking it should never have to be screamed or heralded at the top of my lungs.
I mean Jesus came in a manger and yet we go to extraordinary lengths to make it a big fanfare.
I’m thinking that just maybe His light in my life would shine to the point that words will be useless.
I'm thinking that my life would be so uniquely beautiful and different that people would ask, mercy even BEG, instead of mii having to hit them over their heads with a Bible.
I'm thinking that I should never say the words, but the message would be ever heard just by the way I live my life.

But then again
I’m just thinking


Soul said...

you are honest.
Goddamn it that's all I want to hear..
honesty from someone who proclaims christianity.
A willingness to say, hey I want to be this person.. i'm trying to be this type of person, but I don't always feel like this type of person..
that in itself means that you are on your way to being that type of person.

mack said...

You're just thinking, babe. It punishes me the same way. At a certain point, I decided I didn't identify with the christian religion enough to deem myself one. My dad's a preacher which makes it like 5 times more difficult. After witnessing first hand, your own father's anger problems, and swearing several times to yourself that you want to have nothing in this planet to do with his mind-set, it makes it impossible to see myself in certain lights.

I feel you babe, I feel you.

Jaycee said...

Just thinking. But your thinking is being led by the Holy Spirit. You see, God wrote about you in the volumes of His book. There's something different about u, something different God has placed in u to express. So you don't have to be like everyone else, do exactly what God tells u to know, it's the special thing abt you that will draw people to your God, and not knocking people on their heads with ur bible.

There are some times though when you have to SPEAK the WORD to others, because the WORD is LIFE (we ALL need it to LIVE and not DIE ~ by speaking the WORD, we're also feeding our own bodies with spiritual food). "in the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God..."

The reason why people run away from the word is because they DON'T want to hear something that will condemn their SIN. But that's the devil's way of turning many away from the truth, and placing them on the path to destruction...

Loved this...thanks kafo...

Jaycee said...

I loved soul's response too...a Christian is not someone who has already ACHIEVED perfection...but someone who falls daily, gets back up again, and continues the journey because he KNOWS he's on the right track...God's path...

Soul said...

Jaycee says: The reason why people run away from the word is because they DON'T want to hear something that will condemn their SIN

And I respectfully disagree.
Some people just do not believe in the doctrine of the bible because it reads like a fable to them.
Some people also do not believe in the bible because the new versions keep getting slightly altered and thus, new meanings are added on to existing passages
Through the passage of time, the bible keeps getting tampered with in order to suit different rulers.
Books get removed in order to suit a particular King, sentence structure gets changed, passages get isolated from original surrounding text which alters the context of the message.
In addition, those who seem to be the leaders of christianity even on a grass roots level are not the bastion of tolerance or even understanding.

Chritianity is constantly being hijacked and it's gospel used to further hate, misinterpretation, intolerance and judgement.

But aside from that.. Would you say that muslims, or jews or Hindu's turn away from 'the word' because they do not want to be confronted by their sins?.

How about they turn away from 'the word' because they found a different way.
A way which to them is more enlightened, in the same way that christianity appears to be more enlightened to you?.

How about they found away which speaks to their soul, and they found the words which they could turn to.. which unfortunately not th'the words' you believe in.

Just a few things that occured to me when I read what you wrote.

Kafo said...

I agree with both Jaycee and Soul
I mean sometimes yeah we got to speak but the reason they reject the Message might differ.
I mean most so-called Christians don't want to here the truth because it speaks to their sins but unbelievers? I dunno. I plead the fifth on that