CNN takes on Naija

I know it is V day and I am supposed to be all about love but Jeff is majorly rubbing mi the wrong way.
So yeah if u are looking for a lovey dovey post switch blogs.
If it is your first time on this blog check out the Feb 3 post. I think it has today's temp.

This is not a political blog I just really really really really need to vent about Jeff.
I mean mii and him have been thru so much together. The last year and a half has been memorable and now this. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Dear Jeff Koinange,

Women in the Sudan are carrying dead babies in their arms because they don’t how or where to drop them.

13 year old girls are getting raped in Congo refugee camps under the watchful eye of the United Nations.

Former child soldiers in Sierra Leone are being denied access to rehabilitation programs.

Somalia is unstable.
South Africa is still in a state of denial.
Guinea’s president just declared martial law.
Zimbabwe is breaking every record with inflation rates over 1,000 percent.

Yet here you are “rep”ing the continent and all you can bitch about is 24 Filipino hostages in the Niger Delta who are being held by MEND.
A ya
Just because you covered Nigerian politics since the death of Abacha does not make you an expert on internal strife in the region.
Just because you are African does not give you the right to get all Matt-Lauer and start declaring wars.
And before you start throwing phrases like emerging war in our faces let’s get the facts straight
There is no one who is anyone who has any level of brain matter and who is African who would believe for half a second that you did not pay those militia men for their performance.
They were smiling and dancing- Naijas don't do that for free
We are Nigerians for crying out loud we coined the phrase 419 so please spare us the journalistic integrity BS.
We know how it works; you don’t get to be number 1 on the Country Corruption list for giving free interviews to reporters. (yeah we got bumped down to # 3 last year but still)
And don’t for one minute delude yourself into thinking that you had anything to do with the release of those men.

Look let mii wrap this up before I start hurling curses.
Don’t let your head swell.
Cuz the moment it starts to swell your yash go dey follow am smell and your eyes
ooh your eyes
Yeah I took it there
Take that.

PS: Pass this on to your boss
CNN what makes mii so mad is that you think that if you put an African face on your story it would change the message.
He is a puppet who is getting paid a lot to talk on issues that you guys think is in the best interest of the United State government.
There is no freedom of speech.
Corporate gets to decide what News air.
I know that,
You know that,
So stop fronting (u guyz do know what fronting is RIGHT?)
cuz it’s all about the Benjamins

If this is your way of getting back at us because of the last OPEC vote you need to re-think your strategy.

Have a nice day


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Vixen said...

Kafo--keeping it real.

Poetic Justice said...

"In denying the information minister's allegations, the network said that the only money that changed hands was the standard rental for a motorboat and captain -- about $700 -- and the standard fee to an area freelance journalist for his help in reporting and translation, about $150 per day for three days'

This is the part of the article that jumped out at me. I was like when did Nigerians in the Delta area forget how to speak English! I am sorry, unless they went to the deepest part of the villages and found some old baba who has never seen a camera there is no way they would have come to a Delta (young man) and needed an intepreter.

Furthermore, most of the "hired gunmen" are probably college age students that need money or something. Awon Ode! Don't mind them Jare!

Kafo said...

my feelings exactly

mercy 8:30 in the morning PJ what r u doing up so early
na wa o

what really got to mii is that on sunday when CNN does it special "This week at war" the interview aired
and then on Monday on CNN World at Noon it aired again with the Info. Ministers being interviewed

livid would be an understatement

Poetic Justice said...

don't mind them jare!
And to answer your questions "Read my blog"

Shola said...

i really think Jeff is not doing a good job with news around here, fine, there are many ills to talk about, like there are all over the world, but he can sure do more than that.

mack said...

I will and always remain a sucker for self-exression.

You tell it like you see it...
You see it like you tell it...

I think I'm in love-- OR AM I?

Kafo said...

@ mack: take am e z. love is irrevocable.(i think)
okay so which comes first
telling like u see it or
seeing like u tell it
b'cuz if u see first it might have already gone thru ur biases
i'm thinking now...

mack said...


Yes love can be undone, ask I'll tell.

Seeing something like one tells em implies she has perfect intuition.

And PS. You dont have to love me back. OR DO YOU?

Daydah said...

I actually wish this blog could reach them at CNN, so they'll know that the whole world was not fooled as they believe. Can you imagine the outrage in Naija over that issue?
We all know the reporter - who must not claim to be African anymore if he wants to se his grand kids, needed a really big story and went to any means to get it - including creating a little bit of Nollywood for the world to watch. Imagine all that crap. On CNN.
Honestly I don't think I have taken CNN seriously since then. And I like the way our minister handled the situation then.

Keep it up Kafo! We are solidly behind you!