1 horse = 28,800 lives

Every three seconds
A person dies from a hunger related disease or AIDS

Every three seconds


There are 24 hours in a day
There are 1440 minutes in a day
There are 86400 seconds in a day

Today twenty-eight thousand and eight hundred people have died
somewhere across this globe

People with names
People with lives
People with aspirations and dreams

But instead of finding a way to stop this disease
Instead of finding ways to end extreme poverty

Today in the US we decided instead to mourn a horse

A horse = 28,800 lives

Tomorrow we will still remember the horse
The news corporations will still eulogize an animal


Who will cry for the children dead today?
Who will mourn for the children that will die tomorrow?

I hope I remember



Jaycee said...

Gosh...the PUN...how can we stop the equation '1 horse = 28,000 lives?' Beats me! My thoughts have been invaded tonight...

Anonymous said...

This is overwhelmingly sad... really

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add you on my blogroll but i'm not sure which one is the major blog.. this one or the dilemma one?

Poetic Justice said...

wow! When you put it like that it brings life into perspective! I think being in America or being Americans tends to disillusion us from reality!

Noni Moss said...

Wow. Who woulda thought? A horse would get soo much coverage?

very thought provoking piece. I'm reminded of the ad done by Bono and other celebrities clicking every 3 seconds to symbolise the death of a person.

I hope I remember too.

ChiefO said...

the people of the world and their priorities. looking at it from another side of the plate. seems its not about wat the horse went thru but more about them mourning what the horse could have helped them rack in $$$$$$$$$$. it comes down to the same thing, they went thru all that, spent that much money on surgery only to try, just in case that horse could still win them more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ not really cause they wanted to help a hurt animal.

thanks for stopping by my blog

Kafo said...

overwhelmed naija babe this is the major one, dilemma 2k8 is for the political letters that will be written for the upcoming US elections.
PS: have you found the 26+ friend yet :)