1 horse = 28,800 lives

Every three seconds
A person dies from a hunger related disease or AIDS

Every three seconds


There are 24 hours in a day
There are 1440 minutes in a day
There are 86400 seconds in a day

Today twenty-eight thousand and eight hundred people have died
somewhere across this globe

People with names
People with lives
People with aspirations and dreams

But instead of finding a way to stop this disease
Instead of finding ways to end extreme poverty

Today in the US we decided instead to mourn a horse

A horse = 28,800 lives

Tomorrow we will still remember the horse
The news corporations will still eulogize an animal


Who will cry for the children dead today?
Who will mourn for the children that will die tomorrow?

I hope I remember


My response to hate

There was a person whose position in the church had changed
A person who is supposed to be sanctified and a replica of God
Two days later, she resorts to hurling accusations

There was a basketball game between two churches
Not more than 45 minutes after prayers were said
Punches were thrown

There was a man whose loves his wife
His wife had just been likened to a female dog
20 seconds later, he’s in a tussle

He said
She said
That is how is always begins
A word sometimes two or three and then it starts
The need to attack
The need to assert
Why do we always have to resort to violence?
Do we have to confirm their suspicions?
Do we need to give them a reason to enslave us once more?

Bump that
We are slaves
Slaves to violence
Slaves to words
What is it about the black man that makes us behave in such a fashion?

I refuse to be defined by someone else’s words
I refuse to be defined by someone else’s expectations
I refuse to behave like an animal
I refuse to bring myself down to their level
I refuse to be another statistic

So bring it on
The words
The hate
The prejudices
I can take it
Not because I know you are right
But because I know who I am

I am mii

Copyright ©2007 Kafo

WAR on my mind

We have a problem.
We are at war and we don’t even realize it.

I am not talking about the debacle in the Middle East or the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan.
I am not talking about the war on drugs, AIDS, or poverty.
I am not talking about the war on families or the war against gays.
I am definitely not referring to the Great Controversy between good and evil; that I will leave to theologians, pastors, spiritual leaders and philosophers.

This war is so subtle, so beautiful in it’s danger that it manages to confuse us.
What we are versus what we think we are
What we need versus what we think we need
What we want versus what we think we what

You see this war is a war that takes place on the battlefield of the mind.
The corridors that house the neurons that transmit data to the rest of our body also serve as the trenches for this battle.

We are at war with ourselves and the really alarming thing about it is that we don’t even realize it.

This is a war against time

Every moment we live is a moment we die
Every moment we live is a moment we die
Every moment we live is a moment we die

So do we stop living in order to stop dying?

Copyright ©2007 Kafo