I shouldn't have done it and yet I did.
I thought it would be a good idea and it was but at the same time it wasn't.
And so here I am

No, maybe I'm just restless.
Yes, maybe that is it.

Hmmm, not quite misplaced.
More like I've been replaced and it hurts.

It sucks.
So now I'm drifting.
Here, but wanting to run back to there.
Which isn't a place I want to be but here hurts so maybe there would soon be
The norm.

I hate the word norm.
I hate moving.
I hate having to go through the displaced, misplaced, replaced feelings.

I shouldn't have done it and yet I did
I thought it would be a good idea and it was but now in retrospect maybe it wasn't
So here I am.

Counting my blessings
Counting the fact that I can experience these emotions
Counting the opportunities that cause them.

Misplaced, displaced, and replaced.
That is okay.
Because on either side of the pond, the landing is soft.
Not in physical pain, not destitute, not left with only the clothes on my back
and so I'm okay

i will be okay.
This is good.
This is life.

This is the new norm (hate that word)
This is change, which preludes equilibrium.

And so I give thanks
To the one who moved Adam from Eden
To the one who told Abram to move to the unknown
To the one who misplaced Moses, to displace Israel to replace the Canaanites.

Not the best story to use to make the analogy
But i was moved for a purpose
For a season, for a reason.
In this I am confident.

This place is no longer my home.
It used to be.
The place I now live, will one day be home.

So rest assured.
Turn off the thinking cells.
Go to bed my child.

Because God IS...

I'm on the East coast, writing this at 2:13 am 
in an effort to convince my mind to sleep so that my
body can get much needed rest. Too many emotions flood
 my mind. But this is good. getting it out on paper, while it is 
still fresh. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank You Lord for it all.

Inner Me Enemy Part 1: Choose your Choice

Seems simple.
Make a choice and live with it.
But is it?

In the return-friendly world in which we live
We have conditioned ourselves to buy items with the knowledge that returning is an option
And so we buy
And return

We try out shoes
return them
We buy cell phones
take them back
We purchase computers
keep the labels intact because there is huge chance we will return them

And each day we lose
Each day we surrender the norm of owning our choices to the idea of backing out of them.
So what
What does this matter

Let me pull back the curtain and invite you into the reality
Contentment is  a state of happiness and satisfaction
But when you are never satisfied with your current state, your current choice,
contentment becomes an elusive dream
Always chasing, never finding
Always reaching, never obtaining
And so we buy and return with the hope that the next item will bring peace.

It doesn't stop there
It extends to our relationships while we're unaware
We make friends
and when the going gets tough, our nature of returning bids us to do the same
and so we cash out
We make commitments
and when the reality doesn't measure up to the fantasy
we make excuses and back out.
We enter marriages with the same mindset that if it doesn't work out
If it doesn't feel right, we can leave
and so we do.
We feel as if our choices are chains
But they are ours,
As long as you are chasing the elusive dream
Your last choice will always be seen as a chain
Shackling you to a perpetual state of dissatisfaction

Look this message is for me
Sometimes the enemy is the inner me
So check it,
Check your motives and thoughts
Check your habits and your norms
Choose your choice and be at peace

This is a first draft.
No editing
I just needed to get it out of me so I can work in sanity.

Wordspiration I - John 10:10

His purpose is threefold:

His actions are evident.
But he's devious, 
so they appear innocent 
and he succeeds in his purpose.

What does he kill?
What does he steal?
What does he destroy?
Relationships, Lives, Dreams.

To live in this world
is to constantly be under attack.
To survive in this world
one must know your enemy's plan.
To thrive in this world
one must cling to the Cross.


Inspired by the Scripture below

Compassion Health Expo 2017

The spoken word piece compassion was inspired by an event organized by the Adventist Youth in Ontario. Part of the piece that I presented at the benefit concert is used in the promotional video.

For details on how to support Compassion 2017 please visit https://compassionhealthcanada.com/

Watch the 2 minute promo below.

Singspiration II: Way maker

God is a way maker
He parted the Red Sea
He tore down the walls of Jericho
He led the a lost Moses through the wilderness to Midian

God is a miracle worker
He turned water into win
He fed the 5000
He made the blind man see

God is a promise keeper
He gave Hannah a Son
He put David on the throne
He brought the children of Israel to the land promised to Abraham
God is light in darkness
Persecuting Saul to Preaching Paul
Violent Simon to Peaceful Peter
Deceiving Jacob to Trusting Israel

God has a way of turning our darkness into light. 
He has turned my darkness into light
He wants to turn your darkness into light

Inspired by the song below.