Songspiration I : Pressure

Doctor, Lawyer, Banker, or Professor
Those are the options, laid out as petitions by your well-meaning parents in an attempt to direct your ambition.

Deacon, Minister, Youth Leader or Worship Coordinator
Those are the church positions, that the nominating committee discussions have recommended you for based on your previous exhibition of religion.

White, Black, Senior Citizen, Teenager,
Parent, Child, Single-Mother, Adult Learner
Each label comes laden with a collection of expectations that influences our actions.
Each minute we live seems orchestrated by the titles we aspire to obtain or in other situations maintain.

Expectations that must be met
and so the pressure builds, with each breath,
scaring us to death —the death of individuality and uniqueness.

And yet the only Wise One silently calls your name.
What will it be?
A life defined as success by society or a life of service defined by God.

It is easy to substitute the voice of the well-meaning multitude for the silence of the One.
It is so easy to succumb to the need to fulfill their expectations than wait in anticipation for direction for the One.

Teach me Lord to live to please ONLY YOU, my true audience of one.

Inspired by the song below

Another Attempt

I need to speak
to give hope to the weak
and ignite a feat that compels others to seek
the One who neither slumbers nor sleeps,
who intercedes on our behalf because He loves us.

He loves you 

He loves mii!

Just as I am without one plea
Except that His blood was shed on a tree 
To make me free, and yet on most days I flee
His grace and take refuge in the noise of the babble 
Empty words polluting my conscience
Hindering me from hearing Him

Oh to just bask in the silence and be still.  

To be still until the words that flow affirm the reason for my existence
To be still until the words that flow are a sweet fragrance
Reminding the world of His constant presence 

I need to speak
No, I need to be still
Bringing into captivity every thought, until He speaks thru' mii

.... the return of the unspoken

Where do I start. I tried to return two years ago, but I couldn't.
So here we are in 2015 and the need once again rises to speak to put thoughts to words and pen to paper. 
But I hesitate, primarily because I need it to be ALL Him. 

So the plan is bi-monthly, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.

So help mii God. 

Thankfulness Day 1

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess. 5:18 (NIV)

How do you learn to give thanks to God in every circumstance?
That's the question I find myself asking today.

Side note ----
I woke up today (late as usual) and this song was stuck in my head.
Haven't heard it since I left Indy 3 years ago so I went looking and found it on youtube.

Listened to the song 3 times, then left the house and as I walked to this bus stop I had to pause and just thank God for life, health and the weather.

Need to speak

I need to speak
to give hope to the weak
and ignite a feat that compels others to seek
the One who doesn't slumber nor sleep,
who intercedes on our behalf because He loves us.

I need to speak
well, let's start simple,
taking baby steps,
let's start blogging.

.... the return of the unspoken


Waiting is our destiny.
A creature who cannot, by themselves, bring about something.
We wait in darkness for a flame we cannot light;
we wait in fear for a happy ending we cannot write;
we wait for a ‘not yet’ that feels like a ‘not ever’.
Waiting is the hardest work of hope;
 waiting is the land between where things were and where things will be;
 and you don’t get to choose when you get to a waiting room,
but you certainly get to choose how you will respond to waiting.
- Lou Smeads

The Work of God in us while we wait is more important than what we are waiting for

I want to say more, but won't at this moment because i fear that to expound will dilute the potency of these words. Instead I pray that the Spirit will interprete and reveal the depths to all that come across this post.